Dear friends,

We are thrilled to share our e-newsletter with you and let you know about some of the exciting work happening in the School of Design and Construction (SDC).

Phil GruenPhil Gruen, Director, SDC

The school is now in its fifth year as an integrated, collaborative unit with construction management, landscape architecture, interior design, and architecture, and it is rapidly gaining a reputation as a model for integrated education in the twenty-first century. We are beginning to see regular, excellent results from this collaboration – from our integrated first-year “SDC” courses to our senior capstones, student competitions, and study tours. Our students are in high demand.

We are proud that our students are able to experience the collaborative and holistic design and construction environment of the professional workplace and industry, and we are honored to uphold—and enhance—a long-standing Cougar tradition of job preparedness. Rigorous curricula in each of our disciplines also ensures that students emerge as astute critical thinkers, instilled with the humanitarian values of our school, our college, and our university. As we continue to build an integrated mission that is unique in the West, many of the articles in this fall’s newsletter also attest to the strengths of our disciplines, students, and faculty.

Of course, we cannot do this without you. Many thanks to our alumni and donors who are making a tremendous difference in helping our students succeed. Your support for our ongoing efforts, such as the Solar Decathlon, the SDC Virtual Laboratory, or the Building Information Modeling (BIM) Laboratory will help our students gain hands-on, “real-world” skills with up-to-date technology and building practices. Your donations to our SDC Excellence Fund, to our program excellence funds, or to student scholarships will help provide for their future.

I hope you enjoy reading the inspiring stories in this newsletter. And please do not hesitate to send me a note or drop by when you are in Pullman.

Thank you, again, and Go Cougs!

Phil Gruen