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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Alumni and Friends

Alumni Awards

Regents’ Distinguished Alumnus/a Award

The Regents’ Distinguished Alumnus/a Award is the highest honor granted to WSU alumni. These individuals have made significant contributions to society and, through their accomplishments, brought attention to the quality of a Washington State University education.

RecipientMajorYear Honored
Thomas GraedelChemical Engineering2019
Dr. Edmund O. Schweitzer, IIIElectrical Engineering2014
David Miller and Robert HullArchitecture2007
Paul AllenEngineering and Architecture1999
John FabianMechanical Engineering1983
William A. BuggeCivil Engineering1980
Henry T. HealdCivil Engineering1962

Alumni Achievement Award

The Alumni Achievement Award is the highest honor given to Cougars by the WSU Alumni Association. Since the award was initiated in 1970, nearly 70 individuals in the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture have been recognized with the award. Those who receive the award have rendered significant service to Washington State University and/or outstanding contributions to their community and/or nation. Award winners may also be considered for providing extraordinary service while in the employ of WSU.

RecipientDegreeYear Awarded
Ensor, David S.Chemical Engineering, 19632016
Frasier, Cline W.Mechanical Engineering, 19592016
Russell, Armistead (Ted) G.Mechanical Engineering, 19792015
Schultz, GaymondElectrical Engineering, 19632014
Colf, DickCivil Engineering, 19662013
Bombelyn, Iris FujiuraEngineering, 19832012
Fletcher, Paul J.Civil Engineering, 19722012
Altom, RhodaConstruction Management, 19802010
Graedel, ThomasChemical Engineering, 19602010
Jacobson, PhilipArchitecture, 19522009
Zeeben, JoeMechanical Engineering, 1958 and 19602009
Hull, Robert E.Architecture, 19682006
Miller, David E.Architecture, 19682006
Rogers, Floyd and JudyComputer Science, 1973 and 19742005
Clark, James H.Civil Engineering, 1975 and 19762004
Luck, Leon D.Civil Engineering, 19432004
Cearlock, DennisCivil Engineering, 1964 and 19652003
Pehl, RichardChemical Engineering / Engineering, 1958 and 19592003
Pellerin, RoyMechanical Engineering, 19592003
Schweitzer, EdmundEngineering Science, 19772001
Dalrymple, WaiteCivil Engineering, 19662000
Grant, GeorgeMechanical Engineering, 19372000
Allred, DouglasComputer Science, 19731999
Antypas, GeorgeElectrical Engineering, 19631999
Hower, GlenElectrical Engineering, 19561999
Maloney, ThomasIndustrial Technologies, 19531999
Campbell, RalphMining Engineering, 19511998
Esvelt, LarryCivil Engineering, 19611998
Voiland, EugeneChemical Engineering, 19691998
Bhalla, VarinderMechanical Engineering, 19711994
Heng, TerryElectrical Engineering, 19611994
Kohler, KarlMining Engineering, 19261993
Schurman, GlennMechanical Engineering, 19441993
Storr, RichardMechanical Engineering, 19831992
Gunsul, BrooksArchitectural Engineering, 19521991
Hunter, MiltonArchitectural Engineering, 19671991
Scott, NormanAgricultural Engineering, 19581991
Sheridan, JohnElectrical Engineering, 19571991
Frank, HaroldElectrical Engineering, 19481990
Carr, WilliamArchitecture, 19691989
Degerstrom, NealCivil Engineering, 19461989
Grossman, RobertArchitectural Engineering, 19591989
Kopczynski, ChrisBuilding Theory & Practice, 19701989
Reaugh, O.H.Chemical Engineering, 19331989
Sheridan, Linda (Williams)Physical Engineering, 19691989
Grant, C. GusElectrical Engineering, 19411988
Calkins, MyronCivil Engineering, 19421987
Dewey, DonaldElectrical Engineering, 19581987
Wilkes, DonaldMechanical Engineering, 19541987
Drennan, G. EldonElectrical Engineering, 19431986
Pruitt, WilliamAgricultural Engineering, 19491986
Miller, RobertElectrical Engineering, 19571985
Fabian, JohnMechanical Engineering (R), 19621983
Williams, Esther (Hawley)Engineering, 19371982
Bender, DonaldCivil Engineering, 19411981
Dillon, John G.Civil Engineering, 19411981
Johnson, GeraldArchitectural Engineering, 19601981
Andrews, GeorgeCivil Engineering, 19411980
Arnold, CecilCivil Engineering, 19251980
Eschbach, EugeneElectrical Engineering, 19441980
Kinney, JohnElectrical Engineering, 19361980
Biggar, WilliamMechanical Engineering, 19411979
Hanneman, RodneyMaterials Science Engineering, 19591978
Klemgard, E. NealChemical Engineering, 19221977
Cheatham, RobertCivil Engineering, 19371976
Bugge, WilliamCivil Engineering, 19271973
Herndon, WalterMechanical Engineering, 19281971
Hix, ClarenceCivil Engineering, 19091971
Steelman, JulienCivil Engineering, 19301971