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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture marissa.mararac

Going viral

Kaitlyn Franz balances an internship with classes, coursework, 36-hour hackathons, and becoming the next YouTube sensation.
Recent WSU electrical engineering graduate Kaitlyn Franz landed a full-time job with Pullman-based Digilent Inc., a leading electrical engineering products company serving students, universities, and equipment manufacturers with technology-based educational design tools.

Prior to graduation last summer, Franz balanced a busy schedule at included a full-course load, homework, organizing 36-hour hackathons as well as an internship with the company that hired her. » More ...

The student club advantage

WSU Material Advantage Club, 2015-2016
By: Marissa Mararac, Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture

Materials science engineering is the study of polymers, metals, ceramics, and nano-materials, and how these materials help construct the products that are used in our everyday lives.

Washington State University materials science majors Hailey Warren and Ally Osmanson recently stopped by to share their experiences with this exciting field and their involvement with Voiland College’s thriving student club scene. » More ...