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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture The Harold Frank Engineering Entrepreneurship Institute

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Learn more about The Frank Institute, including how to apply.

Students with demonstrated initiative and a desire to have impact through their service and career are encouraged to apply at the beginning of their junior year (four semesters to graduation).

Review the participant expectations below and complete the interest form that follows.


Ray Combs
Director, The Harold Frank Engineering Entrepreneurship Institute


Scholars are expected to perform professionally in the classroom as well as serve the Cougar community. Specific commitments that will be asked of you:

  • Enroll in and complete the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp course (Engr 401) in the spring.
  • Participation in a set of “on-campus” activities to include lectures, interviews, and experiences in local businesses and research laboratories organized by The Frank Institute of Entrepreneurship the week following the end of the spring semester.
  • Participation in a set of off-campus activities the second week following the end of the spring semester. The program will provide travel expenses, housing, and meals.
  • Return to the WSU campus before school starts in the fall in order to be available for planning activities the Friday before school starts.
  • Enroll in the two-semester capstone classes, Engr 420/421, the fall of your senior year.


For your participation in the on-campus and San Francisco summer programs and the academic year activities, you will receive a $2,500 scholarship. One third will be distributed each semester of the three-semester sequence.

Interest Form