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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Harold Frank Engineering Entrepreneurship Institute

Program overview

Summer program

On the Pullman campus, students spend a week learning a variety of skills that provide them with a firm foundation in entrepreneurship. Focus areas include:

  • Business etiquette
  • Building a professional profile
  • Oral communication boot camp
  • Visits with local Angel Investments, Startups, and IP legal firms
  • Research companies that will be visited in the Bay area

Following the initial week in Pullman, the students head to the San Francisco Bay area where they are provided with experiences in one of the centers of the innovation and product development, including:

  • Informal interactions with entrepreneurs
  • Networking opportunities
  • Bank, Angel and Venture Capital Funding
  • Founder, CEO, and corporate attorney interviews
  • Company operations from the inside
  • Marketing seminars
  • Visits to Google, Bloom Reach, Plug and Play Tech Center, HP Labs, Pebble Tech, BWise Vineyards, Chocolate Garage, Coherent, Pivotal, Alta Devices, CMC Rescue, Stanford Product Realization Lab

12-Week internship

The internship is either found by the student or is identified by Institute staff. Since most internships are not in new businesses, students are asked to think about how they might be entrepreneurial wherever they are. At the end of the summer, students prepare a report that critiques the summer experience and outlines ideas they might have developed for new companies.

Academic year courses and activities

Academic year activities for the entrepreneurship program vary depending on what courses and events are available. The following are examples of past activities:

  • Engineering 420: This 1-3 credit course, which may be repeated for credit up to a maximum of 6 credits, covers new or time-sensitive topics in entrepreneurship.
    • Example Engineering 420 class: “Capstone Projects in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.” This 3-credit, one-semester course was taught jointly by the Carson College of Business and the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture. Students were given academic material on starting and operating small businesses. In addition, they worked on interdisciplinary teams to prepare business plans for entrepreneurial ideas that were often their own.
  • Business Plan Competition: All students in Engr 420 participate in this competition that is sponsored by the Carson College of Business and judged by external referees.
  • Engineering Senior Design Course: Entrepreneurship students in this course are asked to use their own ideas as the basis for engineering design projects.
  • Entrepreneur interviews with several visitors throughout the year.

Technology Ventures course

This is an introductory course providing students an understanding of the vital role played by entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in the global economy. This may be a cornerstone course which allows the student to then build on the knowledge acquired to eventually pursue a new product/service, expand on an existing product, take an innovation from an idea to an enterprise or form a new venture.

Apply to the institute

Applications accepted until
September 9th.

Include cover letter, current résumé, unofficial transcript, and at least two letters of recommendation.

Deliver or email applications to:
Dr. Howard Davis
Dana Hall 143
PO Box 642713
Pullman, WA 99164-2713