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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Executive Leadership Board

Doug Allred

Retired, Executive Vice President, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Married to Loretta (Salvadalena) Allred, four daughters (all married).
B.S. Computer Science – Washington State University – 1973

Professional Background

Current Board:

  • University Advisory Boards: Washington State University College of Engineering and Architecture; Brigham Young University (Marriott Business School) Rollins Center for eBusiness

Boards (past):

  • BearingPoint (BE) – Business/Systems consulting services; lead outside director, chair comp committee, served 5+ years
  • NextPage (privately funded) – Document search/management and collaboration
  • PartNET (privately funded) – eCommerce (primarily DOD related)
  • Saba Software (SABA) – HCM/Learning management – Served 5+ years, chair comp committee (resigned 2 months ago to make room for new acquired company board members)
  • Netlens (privately funded) – web technology – a founding board member, sold business to NextPage
  • INS – enterprise network professional services, resigned 6 months before business was sold to a Cisco Systems competitor (Lucent)

1991 – 2003 Cisco Systems – Senior Vice President (reporting to CEO John Chambers)
Leading a function known as ‘Customer Advocacy’, Doug’s responsibilities included the development of Cisco’s service business, worldwide technical and consultative services, Cisco’s IT functions, and customer support. Over this period Cisco’s growth, services business revenue grew from $5 million to $3+billion. Cisco lead its industry in productivity, and in customer satisfaction. Its use of innovative IT and its development of new IT governance strategies caused CA’s consultative services to be in high demand at its customers’ CXO-levels. CA included over 10,000 employees. Cisco was cited as an industry leader and notably as “the best place in IT to work” by IT industry peers.

Previous Experience:

  • Oracle (VP WW Techincal Services)
  • GE, Evans Products Co, Boeing Computer Services (various roles in management consulting, IT, software engineering)

Doug Allred.