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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Executive Leadership Board

Randy Berry

Vice President, Open Systems International

As Vice President of PSC North America, Randy Berry is responsible for the company’s development across all core business areas, as well as PSC’s global smart grid strategy. He serves as the manager of Control and Market Systems in North America. With 31 years’ experience in the application of Information Technology in real time, mission and business critical environments and 25 years’ experience in the electricity industry, Randy has practical experience in the implementation of projects for electricity, water, steam and rail control systems in North America, Australasia, and Europe.

Randy actively serves on the Board of Directors for the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative and Washington State University’s College of Engineering and Architecture. He has represented the industry at various conferences, addressing a variety of issues including smart grid, cyber security and control center advancements. Having briefed federal and state government officials in the United States on the application of technology to advance and transform the electricity grid, he is a recognized resource and trusted advisor to the electricity industry.

Randy Berry.