Dear Colleagues,

I’m writing to provide you with a budget update for the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture.

In last month’s letter, I described how, as part of WSU’s effort to reexamine how its budgets are allocated, the university recently implemented reductions beyond the original five-percent strategic budget reallocation to the Voiland College budget. The rationale for the reductions was based on addressing issues relating to enrollment funding incentives across colleges and ending what were originally intended to be only temporary funding allocations to a number of colleges for purposes of implementing specific strategic investments.

Since then, we have worked closely with the university’s administration to revisit the VCEA budget in a way that will provide support for our commitments to expand enrollment in the engineering and computer science disciplines and fulfill our land-grant mission.

I am pleased to report that, with the guidance and support of the Provost’s Office and the Budget Office, together we have designed a fiscal strategy that will mitigate many of the potential impacts of the originally proposed budget reductions. We are now able to immediately resume our highest priority searches that were associated with commitments made in catalysis, smart homes, sustainable design and infrastructure, and construction engineering. We will also work on determining when we will be able to address our other, high priority needs.

This revised budget plan preserves and protects the progress the Voiland College has made, and is a big step forward in helping our college continue its successful efforts to advance knowledge through creative research and innovative education programs, as well as fuel economic growth and enhance quality of life. However, in this new budget era, we will need to continue to be both flexible and thoughtful in our strategic planning as we move forward.

We are all grateful for the support we have received from WSU’s administration, departmental chairs and school directors, faculty and staff throughout this rigorous process.

Thank you for your patience and all of your efforts.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Dean Candis' signature

Candis Claiborn
Dean, Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture