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VCEA undergraduate students Alexander Arger, Stephen Bone, Robert Gunson, Trong Huynh, Seth McPherson, Jordan Raymond, Jackson Rieb, Kacie Salmon, and Hannah Zmuda were named 2018-2019 Auvil Fellows.

Interior design major Ashtyn Perlatti won a IFDA Educational Foundation Scholarship.

Voiland College in the News

WSU Insider
The hazy days of summer – wildfire season strategies

Design News
Researchers Achieve One-Step Multimaterial 3D Printing

The Olympian
Everything old is new again, including upcycling, on display at State History Museum

Steel Guru
Coal waste used to create sustainable concrete

USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture
WSU Researchers Test Nanocrystals to Prevent Frost Damage in Tree Fruits

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Save the Date!

2019 ASEE Pacific Northwest Section Conference
The 2019 ASEE PNW Section conference will be held March 21-22, 2019 at Oregon State University.

Safety Tip of the Week

Smoke Safety
WSU community members should take precautions to reduce exposure to unhealthy, smoky air. Breathing in smoke can have immediate health effects.

Older adults, pregnant women, children, and people with preexisting respiratory and heart conditions may be more likely to get sick if they breathe in wildfire smoke. If you experience any signs of respiratory distress or other health concerns, contact your health care provider.

There are many steps you can take for limiting exposure to unhealthy, smoky air.

Avoid being outdoors. Use public transportation rather than walking or biking.

Stay inside as much as possible. Keep indoor air clean by closing windows and using an air filter and air conditioning. Make sure your air conditioner’s fresh-air intake is closed and the filter is clean to prevent outdoor smoke from getting inside.

Do not add to indoor pollution. Avoid using candles, fireplaces, or gas stoves. Do not vacuum, because vacuuming stirs up particles already inside your home. Do not smoke, because smoking puts even more pollution into the air.

Follow your health care provider’s guidance. If you have asthma or another lung disease, follow your doctor’s advice about medicines and your respiratory management plan.

Information on the air quality in Pullman will be continually updated on WSU’s alert website.

For more safety tips, contact Environmental Health and Safety at ehs@wsu.edu.

Award and Research Opportunities

Requests for Proposals, Research Announcements, and Events

Please note: As of August 15, 2018, there are no more “submission windows” for unsolicited proposals to CBET, CMMI, ECCS, or EEC core programs in NSF.

Investigators can submit proposals at any time during the year.

For a more complete listing of research funding opportunities, contact Dave Field.

TitleAgencyClose Date
Crimson Spirit AwardWSUOngoing
WSU Office of Research Information SessionsWSU Office of ResearchOngoing
ONNL Alternate Sponsored Fellowships (ASF) for Students, Faculty, and Visiting ScientistsPNNL, DOEContinuous
NSF-NIST Interaction in Basic and Applied Scientific Research in BIO, ENG, & MPSNSFContinuous
Experiential, Cooperative, and Work-integrated Education Research GrantsCEED- ASEEContinuous
Commercialization Gap FundWSU07/27/2018
Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and TeachersNSF08/08/2018
NEW Professional Grant Development Workshop- Seattle, WAGrant Training Center08/20-21/2018
Fundamental Research to Counter Weapons of Mass DestructionDOD09/30/2018
Innovations in Graduate Education (IGE) ProgramNSF09/27/2018
Cooperative & Experiential Education Division Student Co-op of the Year / Student Intern of the Year AwardCEED-ASEE11/02/2018
Major Research Instrumentation Program  (MRI)

VCEA submissions must include a letter of acknowledgment from the Assoc. Dean for Research

WSU Office of Research’s Large Funding Opportunities Database

Student Research Opportunities and Internships

WSU offers a number of opportunities available to undergraduate students who wish to gain experiences working in their field of interest, including:

WSU Honors College Research Opportunities and Internships Database

Voiland College Career & Internship Center

WSU’s student employment/internship portal: Handshake

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