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Shikhar Pandey was named an Idaho National Laboratory graduate fellow.

WSU Insider featured a story on computer science major Daylan Kelting’s summer REU research experience under the direction of Aaron Crandall and Diane Cook.

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WSU Insider
Machine-learning tool developed to guide cancer treatment

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ASEE PNW Conference
The 2019 ASEE PNW Section conference will be held March 21-22, 2019 at Oregon State University.

Safety Tip of the Week

Gone Phishing

WSU and other public universities are intensive targets of malicious emails designed to bypass security networks and collect personal information and/or cause maximum possible damage. By falsely presenting themselves as valid internal communications, these hackers are successful in confusing recipients and causing unnecessary harm.

Hackers are determined and dynamic, changing their approaches faster than the information technology industry can respond. These sophisticated messages often include fraudulent web links and/or attachments containing malware. Clicking on such links and attachments immediately exposes recipients to very serious cyber threats.

You can aid in protecting yourself and others in your community by not only forwarding suspicious emails to abuse@wsu.edu, but also by strengthening your passwords. Here are a few tips to help block these hackers from successfully accessing your account and disrupting your ability to work and study:

Think length over complexity – passwords with at least 12 to 15 alpha characters can be more effective than short, complex alpha-numeric combinations.

Keep it weird – Common is less effective, and 111111111111 is not going to stop a hacker for long. Avoid sports and pop culture phrases, look for something no one else would use (ideally, a random string).

Don’t bunch up special characters – Many people capitalize at the beginning and add special characters to the end, losing the added benefits of these elements. Spread them out across the password and make a hacker’s job much more difficult.

Don’t double dip – Using the same password on your WSU account and other personal/business accounts provides hackers access to all of those accounts, once they obtain your information from one site. The best password will not save you from this. Use a different password for each site that you access.

If you believe you may have already clicked on a malicious link or attachment in a phishing email, please report the situation to abuse@wsu.edu immediately and contact CougTech at (509) 335-4357. Please do not continue to use your computer until you have communicated with CougTech.

For more safety tips, contact Environmental Health and Safety at ehs@wsu.edu.

Award and Research Opportunities

Requests for Proposals, Research Announcements, and Events

Please note: As of August 15, 2018, there are no more “submission windows” for unsolicited proposals to CBET, CMMI, ECCS, or EEC core programs in NSF.

Investigators can submit proposals at any time during the year.

For a more complete listing of research funding opportunities, contact Dave Field.

TitleAgencyClose Date
Crimson Spirit AwardWSUOngoing
WSU Office of Research Information SessionsWSU Office of ResearchOngoing
ONNL Alternate Sponsored Fellowships (ASF) for Students, Faculty, and Visiting ScientistsPNNL, DOEContinuous
NSF-NIST Interaction in Basic and Applied Scientific Research in BIO, ENG, & MPSNSFContinuous
Experiential, Cooperative, and Work-integrated Education Research GrantsCEED- ASEEContinuous
Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and TeachersNSFContinuous
Innovations in Graduate Education (IGE) ProgramNSFContinuous
Professional Grant Development Workshop- Seattle, WAGrant Training Center08/20-21/2018
NEW NSF Research Experience for UndergraduatesNSF08/22/2018
NEW EMSL Equipment Use ProposalsEMSL09/01/2018
Major Research Instrumentation Program  (MRI)

VCEA submissions must include a letter of acknowledgment from the Assoc. Dean for Research

VCEA Deadline:

Fundamental Research to Counter Weapons of Mass DestructionDOD09/30/2018
NEW Idaho National Laboratory Graduate FellowshipINLFall 2018
Cooperative & Experiential Education Division Student Co-op of the Year / Student Intern of the Year AwardCEED-ASEE11/02/2018

WSU Office of Research’s Large Funding Opportunities Database

Student Research Opportunities and Internships

WSU offers a number of opportunities available to undergraduate students who wish to gain experiences working in their field of interest, including:

WSU Honors College Research Opportunities and Internships Database

Voiland College Career & Internship Center

WSU’s student employment/internship portal: Handshake

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