Dear Colleagues,

Thanks to all of you who were able to attend last Friday’s VCEA Town Hall. If you weren’t able to make it, you can watch this Zoom video of the meeting.

If you’re like me, you’re probably finding this new remote workplace we are in to be both exciting and challenging at the same time. I know it has been difficult and stressful for many of you to adapt to this environment of social-distancing while balancing the demands of work with the needs of your families. Although we have all been striving to make this transition easier, few of us are fortunate enough to say it has been easy. I’ve appreciated all of your patience and kindness during this time.

I want to again share with you some terrific resources WSU has available during this time.

VCEA Stress Relief and Mindfulness Sessions

With Voiland College’s very own Dr. Cill Richards, Professor of MME, Certified Mindfulness Trainer, and UREC Group Fitness Instructor!

Starting next week thru May 15, we’re organizing online sessions where you can learn the basic practices of mindfulness-based stress reduction and practice several different techniques to support your well-being including mindfulness of breathing, body scan meditation, and self-compassion. Each session will introduce one of the techniques and provide an opportunity for practice.

Graduate School Professional Development Series

Dr. Richards is also providing Stress Relief and Mindfulness sessions for graduate students and post-docs as well.

Global Campus

Looking to connect with fellow Cougs and or develop a new skill? Global Connections is hosting multiple opportunities for engagement and learning ranging from On-line Bingo to Executive Leadership.

ASWSU Global: Finding Your Rhythm and Getting Ahead April 18 and 21

Learn how to live differently by focusing on creating new rhythms in your work, personal, and relational life. Learn the 4 areas of focus, the 3 Rhythm Model, and how to work and live meaningfully.

ASWSU Global also provides a number of on-line resources to for taking a mental break including a number of Ted Talks to watch when you need a 5-minute break. I can recommend ‘Two poems about what dogs think (probably).

WSU Alumni Association

From fitness classes to cooking classes, WSU’s Alumni Association offers members a multitude of online opportunities to stay fit and healthy.

HR Cougs Connect: Daily at 10 a.m

Experts system-wide present 5-30-minute Zoom sessions for WSU employees. Topics include health and wellness tips, activities, and HRS related updates.

As your schedule allows, please explore these resources and use them to help keep your mind and body well.

Thank you again for everything you are doing and stay safe.

I look forward to seeing you at our next VCEA Town Hall on Thursday, April 30, at 11 AM.

Go Cougs!

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