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Purchasing, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable are processed in the Business Center. The department is responsible for initiating purchase or invoice payment requests via the Business Center forms online. After approval is obtained, the Business Center is notified that there is a request to process.


General instructions: Fill out and print the forms. Email to the address indicated.

Do not download these forms to your computer. Forms are updated frequently and you will not have the most current version.

Frequently asked questions

If the items I need are at various stores, do I need to use more than one form?
Yes, one form is needed per vendor.
What do I do if I don’t know what budget to charge this to?
You need to determine why the items are needed and then contact the appropriate faculty or staff member to:

  1. confirm the correct budget and
  2. obtain approval to use the budget. Email approval is acceptable.
Can I buy something with my own money and get reimbursed?
This method is not preferred but an invoice voucher can be done by the BC to request a reimbursement. It’s best to try to obtain the BC purchasing card or to request a PO. If these options cannot work, an explanation will be needed as to why procedure wasn’t followed (e.g. items were urgently needed while out in the field doing research and the office was closed).
How long will it take to process my order?
Orders usually get placed on the same day or a day or two later depending on the number of purchases requested. If an item is urgently needed, please indicate on requisition form and inform the purchaser verbally or by email when the order is submitted.
Can I place my own orders using the purchasing card?
Yes. If you would like to make a purchase at a local store or order something online, you can sign out the purchasing card. A delegation letter could be provided for in-store purchases. A signed requisition is still needed for budget approval prior to ordering. All original receipts need to be handed in to the purchaser for reconciliation purposes. If you place your order online and receive an email confirmation that can be forwarded electronically, please remember to forward.
What if I lose my receipt?
You must inform the purchaser so that a “Missing Documentation Affidavit (MDA)” can be completed. In addition, you should contact the store and try to get a duplicate copy. With a duplicate copy, you will still need to complete the MDA.
What if I need to shop after 5 p.m. when the office is closed?
Signing out the purchasing card overnight would require approval from the manager. If approved, it is preferred that the purchasing card be returned by the start of the next business day.
Can I reserve the purchasing card to use at a later time?
Yes, the purchasing card can be reserved.
Who can check out a purchasing card?
You must be on a current paid appointment with WSU to check out a purchasing card. This policy applies to faculty, staff, and students.
When should I use a PO instead of the purchasing card?
The purchasing card is the preferred method of procurement but if a vendor will not take a credit card, a PO can be created.
Can I buy food with the purchasing card?
No. There are a number of items that are prohibited to use with the purchasing card. University personnel are not to authorize payment with purchasing cards for any of the following:

  • Air conditioners (See 70.10.)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Cash advances
  • Employee moving expenses
  • Furnishings which must be purchased through Facilities Operations, in accordance with 70.01, 70.10, and 80.45, e.g. carpeting and floor coverings, window coverings, furniture (except free-standing furniture requiring minimal assembly)
  • Contract payments, including leases, rentals (except short-term, small equipment rentals)
  • Controlled substances
  • Donations
  • Entertainment
  • Food and meals (Light refreshments are allowable; see 70.31 and below.)
  • Gasoline/diesel
  • Gifts (unless the purchases are charged to discretionary funding, e.g. 17A funds, and allowed under 17A policy; see 70.33)
  • Payments to inddiduals, employees, students
  • Personal purchases
  • Prepaid cellular telephones, additional minutes for prepaid cellular telephones, prepaid calling cards, telephone calls, payments for employee-owned cellular telephone accounts (NOTE: Payments for University-owned cellular telephone accounts are allowable; see 85.45.)
  • Purchases involving equipment trade-ins (See 70.12.)
  • Purchases to be funded by registered student organization (RSO) accounts, e.g. student club and organization expenses (See 70.18 for purchasing procedures.)
  • Purchases from WSU departments (Use Interdepartmental Requisition and Invoice (IRI); see 70.05.)
  • Radioactive materials
  • Tax-exempt research equipment (See 70.42.)
  • Transactions split to circumvent the purchasing card single transaction limit of $3500
  • Travel and travel-related expenses, e.g. transportation, lodging, hotel reservations, meals (NOTE: Conference registration fees and University business-related photocopying and facsimile services for employees in travel status are allowable; see 95.05 and 80.05.)
  • Vehicles and vessels with titles
  • Weapons and ammunition
Do I need a different form to place orders that exceed $10,000?
No. All order types can be submitted on the same form. Please check which type is needed at the top of the form.
What rules apply to orders exceeding $10,000 (departmental requisitions)?
If you need to order your equipment from one vendor, then a sole source justification memo would need to be included with your order. If department wants to submit Tax Exempt form with paperwork, they will need to fill out the form completely and get necessary signatures before purchase request form is submitted to BC.

Sole Source Memo Guidelines (PDF)

Business Center and Department Responsibilities

Department initiates purchase or vendor / blanket invoice (received by department) payment request via purchasing forms online and routes to appropriate department personnel for approval. PI approval required for all grant or contract purchases / expenditures BPPM 40.01X
Purchase or vendor invoice payment request is received in Business Center. Efficient purchase or payment method is determined and processed accordingly. BPPM 70.08 Payment MethodsX
Cards are available in the Business Center for checkout. Original receipts must be returned to the Business Center when the purchasing card is returned. Purchase cards are reconciled in the business center and signed by the center Manager as Authorizing Official. BPPM 70.08X
Expenditure Transfers are processed in the Business Center. (Department can request corrective action as needed.) BPPM 30.25X
The business center serves as the point of contact with central offices regarding purchasing and accounts payable. (The department contacts the business center and the business center will work with central.)X
Contracts (Different from Grant Contracts)

Hotel Contract – initiated between the department and facility, the department submits the contract to Business Affairs Contracts Office, for contract negotiations with the facility. A copy of the signed final contract should be sent to the business center to pay invoices. (See 1. Above.) Download forms.

Rental Agreements, Lease and Land Use contracts, department works with Business Affairs Contracts Office directly. Download forms.
Gift Transmittal Form and the funds received by the department are processed by the Department and they walk to the Alumni and Friends Office BPPM 30.70X
Petty Cash and Till Cash, Cash Registers, POS, BPPM 30.50, 30.51X
Record Retention-the Business Center will be the central audit location and hold the official paper file for all purchasing card processes in the center for all fund types. Retention will follow the All-University Records Retention Schedule. BPPM 90.01.1X
Request to Serve Food prepared and authorized in the department then sent to the Business Center as necessary.X
Property inventory-University >5000 and Department <5000 Inventory BPPM 20.50. (The business center will email purchase paperwork to department to notify of small and attractive property not inventoried by the University system.)X

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Fiscal Tech II
Reconciling and Travel

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Clerical Assistant

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Assistant Manager
Travel and Contracts

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Fiscal Technician II

Monika Jones
Fiscal Technician III
Purchasing and Reports