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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Faculty and Staff

Forms and policies

Official University travel requires prior approval by an appropriate University administrator. This info will help you as you plan for, conduct and return from your trip.


General instructions: Fill out and print the forms. Email to the address indicated.

Do not download these forms to your computer. Forms are updated frequently and you will not have the most current version.

Rental car reservations

The BC will make rental car reservations if requested. If the traveler makes their own reservation with the WSU contract rate, please be sure to not take out the additional insurance coverage since it is already included in the contract rate. More information is available here:

Enterprise / National Rent-A-Car
Anyone traveling on official WSU business may use the contract: WSU Enterprise / National Rent-A-Car Program Summary (PDF). To make reservations, visit Enterprise and use Corporate Number: 45WA000 and PIN: WAS. For more information regarding the Enterprise / National Rent-A-Car, please contact Travel Services, 335-2038 or The contract includes: a compact, intermediate, or full size car; unlimited free mileage with the daily rental rate; Collision/Loss Damage Waiver (CDW/LDW) insurance provides coverage for the rental vehicle if damaged or stolen; Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) of $100,000 per person/maximum $300,000 per accident/$50,000 in property damage.

Personal car

Travelers may also use their own personal vehicle when a motor pool vehicle is not available or when it is more advantageous or economical to the university to use a privately owned vehicle. Travelers are reimbursed for vehicle miles only. Mileage may be claimed by using maps, highway guides, or actual odometer readings to determine mileage. Access to the Mileage calculator for traveling within Washington state or anywhere in the United States and Canada.

If you drive your own car on University business, you are reimbursed the applicable rate for each mile driven. If the traveler wants reimbursement for the amount of actual gas receipts, the business center is required to convert that to the amount of miles traveled, which most often is an amount less than reimbursement for the actual miles driven.

If you choose to drive your own car instead of flying, you are reimbursed the applicable rate for each mile driven up to the state contract airfare (if there is no contract fare, the lowest available coach fare) for the same trip.

  • Compute the mileage as described above.
  • You may also receive per diem during the first 24 hours for driving to and from the business destination. Use the per diem for the location where you sleep.

You are responsible for your own car insurance. If you are in an accident, your insurance is the primary coverage.

Daily commute transportation expenses between the traveler’s official residence and official duty station is a personal obligation of the traveler and is not reimbursable by the state. All other miles driven on official state business are reimbursable.

  • Working during hours or days that the employee is not normally scheduled to work does not entitle the employee to reimbursement for transportation mileage expenses incurred between their official residence and their official duty station.
  • When an employee is assigned to work at more than one location within their official duty station, they may be reimbursed only for the local miles driven between the work locations.

Travel reimbursement diagram

Frequently asked questions

What kind of receipts do I need to keep from my trip?
All travel-related receipts in excess of $50 need to be kept when the traveler will be seeking reimbursement. Please turn in original receipts with your travel expense worksheet. Receipts need to show proof of payment and for hotel receipts, you must submit a zero balance receipt.
What can I do if I lost my receipts?
Complete an Affidavit of Lost Receipt (PDF) and turn it in with your travel expense worksheet (PDF | XLS).
What kinds of travel expenses are reimbursable?
  • Lodging
  • Airfare
  • Conference registration
  • Mileage
  • Rental cars
  • Fuel for rental cars
  • Meals
  • Other expenses: taxi, phone calls, parking
  • Speaker expenses, including speaker fee under $10,000.00
  • Relocation expenses
Are there any rules about meal reimbursement?
A traveler is eligible to receive subsistence allowance or reimbursement if he or she is in legitimate travel status at the traveler’s normal meal time and the provisions of the Three-Hour Rule are met.

Three-Hour Rule: Reimbursement for subsistence is provided if the traveler is in travel status for the traveler’s entire regularly scheduled working hours plus an additional three hours. There are some exceptions listed in BPPM 95.06.

NOTE: The traveler may not stop for a meal just to meet the requirements of the Three-Hour Rule.

The traveler receives a set amount for each travel meal. The set meal amount is intended to repay the traveler for the basic costs of the meal including any applicable sales tax and any tip or gratuity. Meal rates vary by location (see 95.19).

Actual Costs. Departments may choose to reimburse travelers for the actual costs of meals instead of applying the meal rates. Actual meal reimbursement may not exceed approved meal rates. (SAAM 10.40.20.b) Under Travel Details on the Travel Expense Voucher the department notes that actual cost is the basis for reimbursement.

What personally paid travel expenses can be reimbursed prior to traveling?
Airfare and conference registrations (for WSU employees only). See 95.20.

Note: The Purchasing Card is the preferred method of payment of conference registrations. The Central Travel Account (CTA) is the preferred method of payment for all airfare.

Where can I find training materials on the eForms system?
Feel free to reach out to the Business Center by phone or email. You may also access training materials on the Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms website. See the section titled “Help” on the right-hand side of their page.
Can I use my Travel Card to make personal purchases?
The University maintains a zero tolerance policy for any personal usage of University Travel Charge Cards. Because the card is issued by Washington State University for University business travel expenses, the University may cancel the card account for misuse and/or payment delinquency.
Where can I find information on how to apply for a Travel Card?
Access the required application by visiting the Travel Services website.
When can I be reimbursed for lodging?
  • When traveling on university business with a destination that is more than 50 miles from home or work and lodge in a commercial lodging facility.
  • The university does not repay lodging costs for stays within 50 miles of work and/or your home unless:
    • You need to stay in a commercial lodging facility to avoid driving in severe inclement weather.
    • You are attending back-to-back late night/early morning meetings and you have prior written approval from your department.
    • Include a complete explanation and your approval forms when you submit your travel expense worksheet.
Am I allowed to have a WSU employee’s lodging direct billed to WSU?
Policy prohibits the direct billing of employee lodging.
Am I allowed to have a WSU student’s lodging direct billed to WSU? What if the student also has an hourly position?
Yes. Students traveling on behalf of WSU can have their lodging direct billed regardless of whether they have a hourly position. The student’s department is responsible for making the arrangements.
If I am traveling and have personal automobile trouble, will WSU reimburse me for getting my car fixed? Can I use my Travel Card to pay for the services?
WSU is not responsible for repairs to personal automobiles. Using your WSU Travel Card is not appropriate.
As a WSU employee, am I eligible to receive a travel advance?
To be eligible to receive a travel advance, the period of travel must be 15 consecutive days or more. See 95.05.
May I use the government rate offered by hotels when I am not traveling on business?
If the rate is offered to all government employees, whether or not they are on official business, then yes. If the hotel requires you to be on official business, then you cannot accept the government rate. To do so would be to use your official position to secure a special privilege. Reference: WA State Ethics Board
How should the department handle hotel direct bills?
The department should submit a pre-travel to generate a travel authority. Be sure to note on the pre-travel form if and where the department made the hotel reservation. If you want the BC to make the reservation, please indicate on the pre-travel form. The hotel will send the invoice to the Business Center and the Business Center will use the information on the travel authority to code and pay the invoice, then will send a copy back to the department. If the traveler cancels, it is the department’s responsibility to cancel the reservation so no charge is incurred. If a charge is incurred, it will be the department’s responsibility. The direct billing option is available only for payment of lodging expenses for persons other than WSU employees such as candidates and speakers.
What does the department need to turn in for visitors coming from a foreign country?
The department should submit a pre-travel with a copy of the visitors passport to generate a travel authority. Per VCEA policy, travel authorities for foreign travel must reflect a non-State account for payment and/or reimbursement. The traveler should return original receipts and a travel expense worksheet to the Business Center for reimbursement.

Business Center responsibilities

Travel BPPM 95.00
Process travel authorizations (TA)
Process conference registrations using purchasing card or submit TA to travel if a check is needed. (Faculty can pay for their own registration or check a purchasing card out from the BC.)
Process cash travel advance request and closeout
Authorize and arrange airfare on Central Travel Account Airfare (CTA). (Employees can pay for their own airfare and submit a copy of the itinerary for reimbursement on the travel expense voucher. Please be advised that the receipt must show proof of payment.)
Create and authorize Motor Pool reservations
Return original files for all required receipts, brochures, etc. for reimbursement to departments
Create draft TEVs in WSU eForms and assist faculty and staff with completion; obtain required signatures, submit to WSU Travel
Create paper TEVs for Non-WSU travelers and assist with completion; obtain required signatures, submit to WSU Travel

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