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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Faculty and Staff

COVID-19 Safety: A message from Dean Mary Rezac

Now, more than ever, safety is everyone’s concern.

Whether it be in an office, a lab or a classroom, as caretakers of our students and our fellow co-workers, it is all of our responsibilities to uphold safety standards that have been set through the University, through Gov. Inslee’s Safe Start Washington Plan (PDF), and that those who return to work attest to through the Return to Campus Request Form, the Return to Work Location Distancing and Disinfection Plan for SARS-CoV2 and COVID-19,  and WSU’s COVID‑19 Employee Symptom Attestation program. » More ...

Summer Update – June 29, 2020

I hope this letter finds you enjoying our summer weather!

Things are definitely heating up, both literally and figuratively, as Washington State University’s plans for resuming face-to-face instruction in August start falling into place. » More ...