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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Faculty and Staff

Innovation Magazine 2016

Dear alumni and friends,

After a decade of dedicated leadership as dean of our college, Candis Claiborn has returned to the faculty ranks and resumed her teaching and research in environmental engineering. We are thankful for Candis’ leadership and passion for WSU. During her tenure, the college had dramatic growth in student enrollment, faculty, and research. Our programs expanded throughout the state, our college was renamed, and this year we opened the impressive PACCAR Environmental Technology Building. With continuing high demand for our graduates, the Voiland College is playing an increasingly central role as an engine for economic growth. » More …

Drive to 25

Dear Colleagues,

Thanks to all of you who attended last week’s town hall meeting with President Schulz. I am keenly aware of how you are faced with pressing deadlines and demanding work, so I appreciate all of you who took your valuable time to make this important event a priority.

Especially with new leadership both at the university and at the college level, it is critical that we literally put down our pens (or mouse) for a moment, stop what we’re doing, join our community, and consider new ideas and directions. » More …

Welcome Back!

Dear Colleagues,

I hope you all had a restful summer and are excited about the upcoming school year. Welcome, especially, to our new faculty and staff who are joining the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture. We have an exciting year ahead as we move forward with our new leadership at the university and begin the search process for the college’s new dean. » More …

Letter from Dean Claiborn

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome back! I hope you all are enjoying the final, quiet days of summer. Before you know it, fall will be upon us. As you know, we have many exciting changes this year.

Most importantly, please join me in welcoming Don Bender as the interim dean for the Voiland College. Don has spent the summer becoming familiar with the position and will start officially on August 16 – tomorrow! » More …

Safety Update

Dear Colleagues,

I’m excited to be getting underway as the interim dean for the college. I am looking forward to regularly communicating with you and keeping you apprised throughout this year as we move forward with the transition to a new dean.

In that spirit, I wanted to give you a quick update on a safety incident that occurred last week. » More …

Spring Updates

Dear Colleagues,

Degrees have been conferred, awards given, grades submitted, and just like that, the 2015-16 school year draws to a close. It sure felt like this semester went fast!

This spring, all the frenetic activity meant just a little more to me than usual as I get ready to step down as dean in the fall, and Don Bender steps in as interim. » More …

Reminder About Laboratory Safety

Dear Colleagues,

Jim Petersen forwarded this article to the faculty and staff in the Voiland School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering. This sobering account of the explosion at the University of Hawaii reminds us all of the critical importance of having regular safety inspections in all labs, formal safety training for all people working in labs, and careful and thorough training associated with all laboratory procedures for anyone working in a specific lab. » More …