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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Faculty and Staff

2020-2025 Voiland College Strategic Plan

Survey Results – Students

February 25, 2020

We conducted a survey to obtain your perspectives on where our college should be going over the course of the next five years, and ideas on how we can get there. You can review the results below.

Look for future opportunities to participate in the development of our strategic plan in the near future.

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  1. Degree Type
  2. Mission
  3. Qualities
  4. Activities
  5. Demographic Trends
  6. Social, Cultural, and Consumer Trends
  7. Other Trends
  8. Share Your Thoughts or Ideas
  9. Advice for the Strategic Planning Team
  10. Campus Affiliation
  11. Unit Affiliation

Degree Type

What type of degree are you currently pursuing at Washington State University?

Bar chart showing the degree being pursued by respondents. Chart data provided below.

Undergraduate bachelor's degree
Graduate master's degree39
Graduate Ph.D. degree40
I am not currently pursuing a degree at Washington State University13
Other, please describe0


As listed in its current 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, Voiland College’s mission is:

  • To conduct fundamental and applied disciplinary and cross-cutting research that leads to new knowledge, transformative technology and innovative designs.
  • To educate and prepare students through state-of-the-art programs, preparing them for professional careers and leadership in engineering and design professions.
  • To engage people, industry and communities to improve quality of life and enhance economic development.

Please rate how much you agree or disagree with Voiland College’s current mission:

Bar chart ranking agreement with the college's mission. Chart data provided below.

Strongly agree6927%
Somewhat agree3012%
Neither agree nor disagree31%
Somewhat disagree114%
Strongly disagree00%
I have no opinion104%


Identifying Voiland College’s core values will be an important step in our strategic planning process. As we think about organizational values, we often ask, “What are the fundamental beliefs that shape how we work together and serve our mission?”

Please look at the following list of words and choose up to five (5) words/phrases that you feel should best represent qualities of Voiland College during the next five years.

Bar chart of words representing the qualities of the college. Chart data provided below.

Land-grant Ideals13
Global Citizenship20
Freedom of Expression19
Stewardship and Accountability29
Other, please describe*6

*Not a complete representation of survey results.


Voiland College’s leadership has identified several activities the college could focus on during the next 5-10 years. We would appreciate your help in identifying what activities you feel should be priorities for the college. What priority (top, medium, or low) would you assign to each of the following items as potential “grand challenges” for Voiland College over the next 5-10 years? Please drag the activity in the left column to one of the three priority levels on the right. Note that you may also prioritize within each category using a drag and drop function.

Bar chart ranking priority of college activities. Chart data provided below.

ActivityTop Priority
Top Priority
Medium Priority
Low Priority
Foster excellence in the teaching / learning experience68.08%145635
Attract and retain a superb student body44.44%9610020
Attract and retain a superb faculty73.83%158515
Attract and retain a superb staff65.89%141658
Position our graduate and professional programs to be revenue generating26.85%5810058
Have a faculty, staff and student population that reflects the diversity of our state30.56%668664
Enhance focused support for faculty research37.21%8010134
Achieve greater financial independence through a strong business plan that includes an expanded revenue base34.74%7410336
Provide appropriate infrastructure for our teaching and research aspirations56.81%1218012
Expand industry-related research and student experiential initiatives48.82%1039018
Improve student first-year retention and 6-year graduation rates34.42%749447
Significantly expand our shared research facilities in areas where strengths align with global research challenges37.91%8010427
Develop an administrative structure that can provide robust, flexible, and nimble support to the college's initiatives and priorities36.15%7711422
Be recognized as the state of Washington's most effective college of engineering and/or architecture in contributing to economic development58.96%1256918
Lead community engaged scholarship and learning nationally by fulfilling our land grant mission32.56%7010936
Provide a quality undergraduate education that prepares students for the modern-day workforce75.00%162504
Provide a transformative educational experience for our students53.77%1148216
Position our graduate and professional programs to be nationally competitive54.17%1177524
Other, please describe*63.16%2495

*Not a complete representation of survey results.

Demographic Trends

During the recent Washington State University strategic planning sessions, participants identified a number of assumptions regarding trends that may have an effect on the university in the future. To what extent do you agree that these assumptions will have an effect on VOILAND COLLEGE?

Chart ranking agreement on effect of demographic trends. Chart data provided below.

AssumptionStrongly agreeAgreeSomewhat agreeNeither agree nor disagreeSomewhat disagreeDisagreeStrongly disagree
Changing demographics will require rethinking how we teach including more personalized models of instruction and more accommodating class schedules (evenings/weekends, courses outside of the traditional semester times)3359552815186
International student populations will decrease1124267836318
Providing face-to-face opportunities for education at low enrollment locations will continue to be a legislative goal306053516122
Enrollment growth will depend on engaging students at urban population centers30566549932

Social, Cultural, and Consumer Trends

During the recent Washington State University strategic planning sessions, participants identified a number of assumptions regarding trends that may have an effect on the university in the future. To what extent do you agree that these assumptions will have an effect on VOILAND COLLEGE?

Chart ranking agreement on effect of social, cultural and consumer trends. Chart data provided below.

AssumptionStrongly agreeAgreeSomewhat agreeNeither agree nor disagreeSomewhat disagreeDisagreeStrongly disagree
The expectation of immediacy in all faculty/staff/student interactions (face-to-face and online) will continue to increase33855828440
WSU branding will become increasingly important for student recruiting and recognition536243261865
Students will increasingly view themselves as customers and consumers, expecting high quality facilities and services666939221313

What other important trends should Voiland College consider when planning for the future?*

  • Rural outreach.
  • The only reason students expect higher quality facilities and services every year is because tuition goes up every year. If I’m paying $27,000 I would expect an extremely nice facility vs. if I’m paying $15,000-$18,000
  • Look for the specific things that make students sign up for a specific engineering program
  • Spend more money on engineering clubs and projects than beauty bark around the engineering building.
  • Attracting and RETAINING strong instructional staff will be important to building a strong undergraduate program reputation that competes with UW and other area/west coast schools. A strong undergrad program can feed into a strong grad program if done right, in my opinion. We can’t keep having our faculty get poached and replaced with adjuncts with fractions of the experience of the people they’re replacing.
  • Find teachers that speak English very well. It makes it much harder to learn from someone whom I cannot understand.
  • Whether WSU wants to be known as being in business to make a few people way richer (like most universities in this country) or help lead in providing affordable rates for our future generations (like what USC recently announced). Do you want to be known as a university that truly values educating our future generations, or just another that wishes to sell a product at high costs.
  • You guys really need to look at access to information/services. Companies really care about out of class projects (i.e. clubs and/or internships). Right now, your infrastructure for this straight up sucks.  Your job fair is trash, not gonna lie. I had an internship, not due to your career services. I got a job after I graduate, a really nice one I’m looking forward to, but again, none of it is due to your career services. All of it I attribute to my own work ethic and opportunities provided in my clubs.  You have the largest ME program in the state, but what employers do you attract? HVAC and Construction. Those are great, for the students who are interested in it. For those who aren’t? Well we’re outta luck. We gotta do all the work ourselves; we pay for career services in our tuition, why does it suck so much?
  • Even if students view themselves as customers and consumers, it doesn’t necessarily mean they want higher and higher quality facilities and services. They just want what they are paying for. I personally am more willing to pay a reasonable fee for facilities that work fine than to pay a premium for a fancy new building that will not improve the quality of my education.
  • To make sure the teachers assistants are knowledgable in what needs to be done and how to help without being unsure
  • The easy way is not always the best way. Do not let up on the students, but continue to challenge and push them beyond what they believe to be their limits.
  • Looking at trends the world is facing and prepare students heading into a workforce to be versatile as possible with what is in demand.
  • Make students more proud to be part of Voiland, better access to swag, more media coverage of projects and innovations at Voiland etc.
  • Students have increasing expectations. I feel many are not afraid to transfer if they feel their needs are not being met
  • People want to grow with technology, design and construction students need to be innovative and understand technologies yet we are not allowed to use fabrication equipment easily. Introduction to these and lessons on how to use them should be a second semester intro
  • Increased student populations will require more efficient infrastructure
  • Paying teachers enough that they don’t leave for other schools who actually care about faculty over administrative staff.
  • How much of a role technology is playing not only in education and facilities, but in the personalities and expectations of individuals. (Ex. with how easy it is to contact people now, students expect an email response fairly quickly and it is frustrating when faculty do not reply in a couple hours)
  • Making sure there are enough clubs and student organizations for all fields of engineering and architecture
  • They should consider the growing trend of electronics and computer engineering and look into expanding the staff in this department rather than focusing primarily on having a strong power engineering program.
  • Not to allow their students to cheat and faculty pretend its not happening
  • The fact that presently, most people go to school primarily to get a good job, and learning is just a means through which this occurs, and the value of a college degree is largely intangible and is generally demonstrated as a ticket to surpass job application filters. As such, people view school more as an investment than as an experience, so making students sure that they’re making a sound investment is super important. This means being transparent and pragmatic on the end of Voiland College. For instance, providing statistics about the status of WSU graduates 1, 5, 10 years down the line, providing a realistic outlook of job availability for given majors, and increasing revenue to the university through methods that don’t involve increasing tuition and fees. Focus on making Voiland as awesome as possible and you will attract innovation and that innovation will attract $$$. Furthermore, I genuinely believe there will be an economic crash within the next 15 years due to defaults on student loans, and I think you should prepare for a steep crash in university revenue due to the fact that no sane person would pay $100k for a degree in the midst of no easily-attainable student loans.
  • Make sure that all professors are quality teachers as a priority over being researchers.
  • Attraction of facilities. Especially the computer science department, which doesn’t even have a central computer lab, even little colleges like Bellevue have one. Many machines in the college labs run off of old systems and can’t be expected to stay relevant in the current technology climate!
  • Give students above and beyond what they need and he rest will follow. Word of mouth will happen
  • Students have the tendency to enter a major not entirely knowing what that major will do in the work force and what their work will entail. This lack of knowledge makes some students go into a major thinking that they will study one thing, but then they will switch majors later because they had a misconception of what their major actually is. It would be important to remedy this by spreading accurate and extensive information about each major in an easily accessible way.
  • Allow students to get more hands on experience by pumping money into the Franklin Innovation Zone(FIZ)
  • Global climate change and the challenges and opportunities that it brings.
  • Technology is evolving, trends change rapidly, things move quickly and the industry is incredibly competitive. Students will be expecting a high quality education taught by high quality professors. Anything short of above-average almost feels like its not good enough to just break even now.
  • The global economy
  • While I think it’s fair to say that students (and their families) will expect high quality educational facilities and services, I don’t believe that changes their relationship with the College in any way. These facilities and services should be built with effective education as a top priority rather than flashy architecture or creature comforts.   Additionally, the Voiland College should consider how it can mitigate the many new ways students can plagiarize and cheat without getting caught because of the ignorance and technical incapability of the faculty. Utilizing plagiarism-deterring curricula (AKA curricula that is updated each semester) and reinforcing the importance of academic honesty are extremely important in developing students capable of independent thinking and trustworthiness.
  • More engineering clubs and knowledge sharing community, face to face. Different from tutoring centers and more comfortable. That senior students shares studying and researching strategies that specify how to study courses course by course basis.
  • The demand for technology assisted learning and technology in the classroom.
  • The regions in which marketing occurs, I am personally from New York City and learned about WSU through searches online but if I would’ve heard about WSU while in school I would have been more sure of attending the school if it would’ve been marketed to me, especially the school of engineering and it’s high level computer science program.
  • Be better at marketing on social media platforms.
  • The ever growing population increase of student to professor ratio in the next 5, 10, 15+ years.
  • That computer science student numbers will decline due to dwindling number of effective teaching staff.
  • Advertising our research
  • Consider real world applications and opportunities that can allow students to use what they have learned in the real world, thus further preparing them for their careers. For example, mock online interviews, simulations of real world projects, examples of projects and potential guidelines, etc.
  • Attracting more high quality faculty and focus more on industry and real applications rather than research and conceptual approaches.
  • Finding Faculty that are good teachers. A lot of the current faculty are smart people but hard to understand or just all around terrible teachers. Just because they’re smart and did well in school means they’re a good teacher. In addition, the college should open up options to obtain credits through other sources that aren’t solely lecture/lab classes. I think it would be beneficial to have a once a week couple hour hands on experience through all the shops/ projects.
  • The increase in technology and computerized methods in industry
  • Making sure to hire the best people for the position
  • Providing a curriculum that is ACCURATE to job requirements
  • The college should focus on the market trends in the job sector and amend its curriculum and teaching materials as per the need of the market so that students have ample knowledge when they graduate.
  • Research involving future technology.

*Not a complete representation of survey results.

Share Your Thoughts or Ideas

Have we omitted anything important? Please share any thoughts or ideas you may have about Voiland College’s mission, priorities, values, and future.*

  • Compared to my peers in other majors, the faculty ratings at Voiland seem to reflect a lack of willingness to help their students succeed. I believe faculty should  be accountable to results similar to a manager being held accountable to results in real world applications.
  • I think the college should put a higher priority on staying up to date, and regularly updating curriculum. Also, stop hiding behind “we advise, you decide”. I know too many people who are spending an extra semester or more at WSU because advisers have too many students to offer truly personalized assistance come advising time, and therefore miss key prerequisites or semester specific offerings.
  • Teach the students how to design. Enough with the “theory” based classes. That does not help with Senior Design and that does not help with preparing us for the real world (industry).
  • There needs to be more diversity in the classroom’s. Encourage Women to pursue engineering degrees by providing more scholarships and programs!
  • At WSU Vancouver there are 2 branches in the electrical engineering program. I am not sure why students going for a power focused degree have to take classes like ECE 234.
  • Prioritize creating the best program possible. Advertising yourself as “inclusive” and touchy-feely is the easiest way to advertise to the people who won’t be interested in rigorous programs in the first place.
  • Work on your undergrad program, its lacking as far as I see right now. Additive manufacturing is not the only way in the future and should not be the focus of the ME program. Keep your machining classes – they are important so us students understand why we need to do things a certain way. Don’t change class syllabi or other shady stuff without telling students who are signed up for a class, we lose trust easy.
  • Make counseling more available since the engineering path takes a toll on students and may not be as easily accessible due to the crazy schedules students have.
  • I think  student in  a lot of cases need to be pushed to maximize the learning throw their degree and that is something i didn’t see in my facility advising. Improving facility advising will help to grad a better students
  • More branding of events where students can socialize and find connections with those in their major and have resources other than one specific advisor to talk to and possibly have a master list of all titles, contacts of engineering in general.
  • Voiland College’s mission and values hold very close to my own. Continuing to grow a supportive and diverse culture will influence more people to come to Washington State University.
  • You cannot have good faculty if you do not hold the bad ones accountable for being bad. As long as student complaints are filtered out by staff who do not want to rock the boat, and accreditation boards are shown only what you want them to see the school will continue to be mediocre.
  • The future of Voiland College is very bright if it continues the way it is going.
  • Considering I just joined Voiland, I still do not know too much about it fully. So far from what I have read up on, Voiland is making steps in the right direction to better itself for faculty, students, and WSU.
  • It would be very beneficial to expand funding for computer engineering and electronics as this is an in demand field with a limited staff at WSU.
  • The majority of students are coming for a bachelors, make sure that in the time they are at WSU they have the best education possible. Because at the moment there is some laughably bad teaching going on in Voiland. Some of our core subjects and classes are suffering as a result. Make sure the professors can actually teach.
  • Voiland College needs to place less emphasis on gathering initial students in a freshman class and needs to spend more attention to the facilities offered that are beneficial to all students (including long-term). We need better computers, a computer lab, more computer science assistance on campus (such as the FIZ) and a better recognition of clubs and other achievements of students within the hallways of Sloan and Dana. In addition, priorities towards sustainability need to be accounted for. Washington State University has a fully operational organic composting facility. As such, the bathrooms, and other relevant locations should have proper compost receptacles. In addition, I think there needs to be more emphasis on using shared learning spaces on campus, whenever will be provided, as students will be more productive as they’re doing their homework and other work using campus facilities.  Overall, if students use the facilities provided on campus and the facilities are relevant, students will most likely be able to achieve higher grades and Voiland may have a higher retention rate.
  • pay more attention on the teaching of undergraduate students.
  • VCEA should push towards greater student support. Many UCORE classes such as chemistry and math have designated tutoring centers or at least have multiple students ready to tutor at a given moment. Continuous progress towards reaching the same level of student support would be appreciated by myself and my constituents.
  • Global climate change is one of the most pressing issues and is something that a leading land grant university needs to focus on. It is and will affect most aspects of  our life including food production and water availability both of which are critical for the State of Washington. Already many faculty are conducting research in this area so WSU just needs institutional support to further this goal.
  • Focus on having quality teachers rather than quality researchers.
  • Priorities should be set to create a modern and knowledgeable environment that promotes new thoughts and creativity. It should also be a future target to increase opportunities for students to be more involved in the learning process and industrial affiliations.
  • Assign alumni engineers to mentor students during their bachelor degrees to prepare them for job market where as most of us doesn’t picture how work places are. Not me though
  • Your priority should be getting and retaining the best faculty you can, they are the face and revenue of the university for alumni and if you don’t/can’t/won’t support your faculty your branding attempts and desire for good students will all fall flat.
  • The Voiland college’s mission is idealistic and strong. I think other aspects of the Voiland college could be scrutinized but their mission and priorities seem valid and important for the colleges success in the future.
  • There needs to be a higher focus on learning social skills and ways to deal with conflict in the workplace, I have learned some, but mostly from my non requirements
  • This college needs to be better about getting women to want to be in this college. I think we are taking good steps towards this but we are not there yet.
  • I think that as long as we are prepared to hit the ground running when we graduate, everything is fine. I don’t want to graduate and not know as much as the next guy, you know?
  • I believe the school need to be open to working with in departments not just engineering, but involving Architecture (SDC) in student projects.
  • IT services for VCEA should be better, in order to support increasing demand for specialized services.
  • Invest in your students and they will invest in you
  • The Voiland College should focus on helping to prepare students for life after college along with helping them transition from life from high school.
  • Future and values are already along the lines of what I would expect. I think priorities in helping students with learning should probably use a bit of rework in that some of the more difficult classes have occasionally felt a little lacking. Particularly in project classes.
  • I like the mission. It’s hard to increase diversity in engineering because if people think it’s too hard or don’t enjoy it, there’s no point in staying. Focusing on retention rates is not worth it when planning. People who want to be engineers will be engineers (most of the time)
  • Need to focus on getting instructors from industry and teaching in such a way that students are acknowledged as being intelligent beings. Get rid of the mentality professors have that students should be pulling all nighters to succeed in their classes
  • The future of Voiland College needs to include more academic based scholarship opportunities for students not of a minority population.
  • Stronger in helping students prepare for jobs and internships. Currently PROPEL doesn’t seem very helpful
  • I am very thankful and grateful to be apart of a Voiland’s goal and mission.
  • Talk about more possible research opportunities for students.
  • Bring in good faculty, EECS is losing good faculty.
  • One comment, I have is about the focus for the future. I believe to excel in the mission and values the Voiland college needs to put more effort into the learning and technical facilities that it can provide to the students. Ultimately, students make an institution what it is, their work and achievements are what gives significance to the college. So the college should put more focus on ways of attracting students and retaining them.
  • Voiland College should emphasize in enhancing the size of graduate student body and provide more financial freedom and access to interdisciplinary research opportunities through central college funding.
  • More study space would be great!
  • Good quality courses lacking.

*Not a complete representation of survey results.

Advice for the Strategic Planning Team

What one piece of advice would you give to Voiland College’s strategic planning team as they move forward in developing Voiland College’s 2020-2025 Strategic Plan?*

  • our building is getting over run by non-STEM students, and our classes are being held in the library… why???
  • engage more with industry in industrial projects.
  • You should look at the job requirements and include more coding and software application
  • Who is more important, the stakeholders, or the stockholders? WHile I get the necessity of stockholders, it is a shame that so much of our nation sold out the stakeholders to make the stockholders wealthier. Break that current trend in our nation by sidelining stockholders and focus on the stakeholders.
  • Voiland College should work on supporting the mental health of it’s students more than it is currently. A big part of why the retention rate is poor is because of the massive workload that has caused me personally to work more than 70 hours in certain weeks in order to maintain my academic standing. Also, having a more knowledgeable adviser staff that cares about the student population and understands the content and order of the courses offered would increase retention rate and graduation rate.
  • Upgrading lab facilities. It’s embarrassing to be a top engineering college in Washington and have students working on computers with Windows XP.
  • Try not to spread yourselves too thin with too many ideas going in too many directions. I would recommend focusing on one aspect at a time when it comes to changes. What VCEA major are we focusing on? Are we focusing on research, connections with industry, graduate programs, or the undergraduates? What should be changed, if anything at all, and how will we achieve that? Focus on one thing at a time so that few aspects of VCEA receive greater improvement instead of every aspect of VCEA receiving little improvement.
  • To provide hands on experiences while a great education.
  • To make a good brand, collaboration with good companies is the most key factor. We can invite them here to present their work and connect them with faculty members to get funding from them.  Also for personal branding, social media plays an important role. I think we need powerful strategies in this field as well.
  • To keep non traditional students in mind!
  • There is too much Prerequisites, reconsider them.
  • There are still research labs and grad student offices in Dana hall. Showing these labs and offices to prospective grad students is detrimental. To attract, and keep, stellar graduate students, there needs to be facilities (space and quality) to attract them.
  • The mission as it is currently stated is good, so anything based on that will be even better.  It is up to the college to uphold that mission and not lose sight of it as they currently have.
  • Support student clubs more deeply
  • Students want to feel the faculty are engaged and care. Seeing them after hours in studios is encouraging. Also we expect them to have knowledge of technologies we are using even if minimal.
  • Stop spending money on sports and fund our engineering departments. If we want to be taken seriously as a college, and improve the perception of our academic quality we need to put money into things of substance. Throwing around balls and million dollar stadiums brings nothing of merit to the university.
  • Staying on top of current trends in technology advances, but also not pressuring students to overdo themselves and burn out.
  • Set reasonable goals.
  • Reward good teachers by paying them what they are worth and require new teachers to be held accountable by observation and hold them to basic curriculum requirements.
  • Put more effort into hiring higher position roles within Voiland college, some of them are a joke.
  • Provide valuable classes to student. Improve quality of professors
  • Provide more real world course activities. What is taught from a book is not always used in industry. We are told to forget what certain professors teach because they teach it incorrectly.
  • Provide even more help in job/internship search for undergraduate students.
  • Prepare for a crash and make the facilities much better to facilitate talent acquisition and to act as a hedge to the potential future crash of the economy and university revenue (students who do well in the future have a higher chance of donating if they had a good experience at the university).
  • Please make team projects, and assignments more relevant to industry, especially in the higher level courses. Don’t focus entirely on theory, add in more of what day to day engineers actually use. If students are better prepared to enter the workforce, the more highly coveted WSU grads and students will be.
  • Not really sure at this point. I believe it is mostly on a good track of where it should be.
  • More focus on what the college can give to the students, and help them excel not only in literary learning but also in shaping them to have ideals and virtue.
  • More “design-oriented” classes, less “theory”
  • Maybe incorporate more members such as counselors so that they can send student emails that pertain to them.
  • Make the program moldable so if priorities of the world change a student is not forced into a workforce that is not available but can shift and change with the growing industry.
  • Make sure the basics are covered. Undergraduate education is the reason the College exists.
  • Make sure that students are supported, and try for an actual 4-year education plan.
  • It’s important to be all inclusive and respectful to all personal beliefs and I believe that the staff at WSU or any educational institution should reflect that.
  • Invest in the fiz
  • Invest in students.
  • Increase affiliations with industry to promote the quality of WSU graduates.
  • Incorporate global climate change into the 2020-2025 plan.
  • In my experience, the focus of the student body is on education and their personal future. There appears to be increasing friction when discussing the way  college feels like a for-profit industry, students are feeling like they are consumers more than people seeking an education. This model seems toxic and seems to stray away from what I personally believe should be the focus of college, and that is education. Revenue generating activities and branding pull the focus away from the educational aspect of school. I want my professors to be provided with the tools that they need to teach effectively before things like recruitment and branding and striving to make it on a list of “most influential colleges” is considered.
  • If you’re going to do something, do it. Don’t go halfies on it.
  • I would ask the planning team to take research opportunities for undergraduates very seriously. Research allows learning beyond the classroom and provides a much stronger background in engineering before students enter the workforce.
  • I think if you focus on the program and the staff, the students will come. Advertise what makes WSU special and unique. Push research involvement for undergrads
  • I really enjoy the inclusiveness. Never felt like just a number.
  • I know it’s hard to place a major emphasis on engineering with the amount of support received for the engineering program, but keep striving to make the college a great program and to improve upon it each semester.
  • I have found it useful to ask how successfully a mission was accomplished and see where the mission statement helped add value. Then making adjustments may become more clear. Or it may become clear that there isn’t a way to measure mission success. This may help shape the next statement or clarify a need for measurable supporting objectives.
  • I feel the school of engineering to retain more students wanting to go into the field of engineering should be more hands on with students and give them more one on one support, I am part of the Voiland school on paper but in reality it doesn’t feel like that when I feel part of the college. I think for me and maybe other students, validation of hard work from the Voiland school or events that would bring together engineering students & CS students would not have this be a problem.
  • I believe that listening to student and faculty feedback will continue to benefit Voiland College in their mission.
  • I advise reviewing some of the graduate programs since they are outdated. For example, the mandatory classes of the CEE Ph.D. program of the air section are not related to any or none of the current research areas of the CEE department. Additionally, the number of classes in that section is very limited and some of them are outdated, which means that their content isn’t useful anymore neither for the industry or academia.
  • Hire good faculty
  • Have career services for students who are NOT interested in HVAC/Construction. Its 2020 why is this not a thing, we’re in the digital age now, ya know?
  • Have a really good marketing director!
  • Graduate students may have a wider range of classes to choose.
  • Goodluck! I would also say that theres always going to be criticism but do what is best for the student body and the professors who are willing to invest their time into their students to make sure they succeed
  • Give students the knowledge to innovate, paired with the best tools and people who truly care nothing can stand between a student’s dream and their future.
  • Get/keep great faculty and make sure they stay happy
  • For Computer Science major, it might be a good idea to reduce the number of compulsory courses and give more chances of selecting courses to students.
  • Focus on student and proffessor quality of life
  • Focus on having quality teachers rather than quality researchers.
  • Focus on expanding research opportunities to undergraduates, as well as continue funding laboratories within the college in an attempt to become a research leader in the country.
  • Focus on creating a strong program, minimize resources on pandering to people.
  • Focus on building engineers that can do more than just be engineers. We need to be able to go into the workforce and work on a team, communication and other skills beyond just the technical engineering
  • Focus on bringing in the involvement of Engineering and Architecture, along with their multi-disciplinary counter parts
  • Focus more on real world applications and put more emphasis on interviews along with having more events that focus on each major offered by the College. Such as the hackathons, and events like that.
  • Fight against closed and non-diverse research groups where all members are from same nationality. This is not fair for students who would like to join those groups but are not from that nationality. In addition, some students who manage to join these groups leave after 1 semester because they feal isolated and unwanted. This happens in many Voiland colleges.  Improve graduate students’ recruitment process as many issues happen for students coming to WSU and leave after a short period.    Provide training for junior faculty members on human resources management. Many junior faculty members are untrained in this aspect which causes problems with grad students (miscommunication..etc). This situation usually ends up by firing the grad student and damage his/her career.
  • Establishing interdisciplinary research center between different schools within Voiland College to perform cutting edge research in robotics, power generation, semiconductors, materials science, etc.
  • Encourage to hire more staff that not only will be engaged in research but also passionate in teaching students essential tools for their prospective careers.
  • Encourage political awareness. Politics plays an important role on the value societies place on science.
  • Don’t try to be the best College. Try to be the best College for the students you have.
  • Don’t neglect the satellite campuses.  Some of them are in dire need of updated equipment and full time faculty.
  • Don’t let VCEA IT dissolve into WSU ITS. I don’t think ITS is capable of accommodating the work that the students and faculty need. And I would like to see more services being offered by VCEA like machine learning servers and better access to website hosting.
  • Don’t focus so much on bringing in excellence, but create an environment that can cultivate it in such a way that students are prepared for either graduate school or jobs in industry. “You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle.
  • Diversity within the program is important and I believe more can be done to appeal to different groups of people and attract them to get degrees in engineering.
  • Continue to engage students in scholastic activities that are located within the engineering building.
  • Building area should be a little exciting. Something like a coffee cafe, lobbies, etc.
  • Better facilities
  • Be sure that the strategic plan is clear, available to all students, and realistic for people from all over the globe. Think about every student and now what goes into this plan can and will affect them.
  • Be flexible
  • Almost all top 25 schools have a competitive FSAE car, invest in this trend. People like cars.
  • Accept more foreign students from areas other than Asia. I’m all for cultural integration and exchange students, but I would lvoe to see more diversity from anywhere else in the world than the Americas and Asia.
  • Academic success above all else
  • A serious evaluation of the engineering degree programs offered on the Tri-Cities campus is needed. The campus is failing to offer an engaging graduate education program. The college needs to align resources to the campus and truly embrace the One-Wsu One-degree vision. The campus does not have appropriate leadership to maximize this potential. There is an opportunity for WSU to build engineering programs on the WSU Tri-Cities campus, but it requires the college to look beyond the Pullman core and the Everett campus which it has direct financial oversight.

*Not a complete representation of survey results.

Campus Affiliation

It is important to us that all of Voiland College’s stakeholders have an opportunity to provide feedback in the development of the college’s strategic plan. What WSU campus are you most affiliated with?

Bar chart showing campus affiliation of respondents. Chart data provided below.

Global Campus10.48%
None / I prefer not to answer10.48%

Unit Affiliation

It is important to us that all of Voiland College’s stakeholders have an opportunity to provide feedback in the development of the college’s strategic plan. What Voiland College school or department are you most affiliated with?

Bar chart showing unit affiliation of respondents. Chart data provided below.

Civil and Environmental Engineering3714.57%
Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering2911.42%
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science6726.38%
Mechanical Engineering and Material Science7429.13%
Design and Construction166.30%
Engineering and Applied Sciences10.39%
Engineering and Computer Science2610.24%
Engineering and Technology Management31.18%
I don't know / I prefer not to answer10.39%
I am not affiliated with any Voiland College school or department00.00%