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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Frank Innovation Zone

3D Printing Services and Experiences

3D printing (Additive Manufacturing) is a popular and valuable resource across the WSU Campus. The Voiland College Frank Innovation Zone (FIZ) Desktop Fabrication Studio offers a variety of 3D printing options. The FIZ is dedicated to providing students a hands-on experience with the processes involved.


What do I need to print my ideas?

3D printing generally starts with a STL (stereolithography) file of the object selected for printing. These can be generated from many CAD programs. The range of CAD programs is wide but most include options for exporting objects in STL format. If you do not already have experience CAD, please explore the industries you may work in to identify a program that may be valuable to add to your résumé skill list. Without a preference, we would recommend SketchUp Make (free for students) for beginners. There are plenty of tutorials available and getting started drawing and exporting for 3D printing can happen in hours. Often the ease of 3D printing leads to designs that might be fabricated easier using other methods. Please be open to suggestions that may speed your development process and/or be a part of bringing alternatives to the community!

Getting Started

3D Printing as a Service

Visit the FIZ Service Center in the Dana Hall Basement, room 15. FIZ Student Leaders will work with individuals to review print needs. The FIZ team will offer suggestions for conserving materials and shortening fabrication times, estimate the costs, and submit your project files to the 3D printers. Payment for costs for printing are completed through the FIZ Service Center – CougarCash ONLY.

3D Printing as a Do-It-Yourself skill

Become a FIZ community member and earn access to FIZ resources including the 3D Printers. Once you have earned access, you become more involved in the process. Expectations include working closely with FIZ Student Leaders to expand the community’s experiences in 3D printing, learning and sharing best practices for printing, considering both material use and equipment time, coordinating your printing with the needs of other FIZ members, and finally ensuring 3D printing costs are covered by the responsible student. Payment for costs for printing are completed through the FIZ Service Center – CougarCash ONLY.

WSU Department Access and Services

WSU staff may also use the FIZ resources. Faculty, staff, and graduate students may earn their own personal access through the procedures outlined for students. To arrange for inter-departmental charges, please stop by the FIZ Service Center for details.

Othermill small format milling machine by OMC.

Carbide 3D printer.