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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Frank Innovation Zone

Course Partnerships

New Course Partnership


We are always excited to talk about the FIZ and how Our Makerspace can help your class. If you are teaching a course and would like to learn how the FIZ can be utilized for projects, resources, or activities please contact us via email at to schedule a time to plan and discuss.


Existing Partnerships


If you are familiar with the process of partnering with the FIZ and are ready to have your class utilize the FIZ. Please look in this compressed file for forms to establish accounts for each student group to utilize the FIZ. These accounts will allow student groups to make purchases and utilize FIZ employees up to a set amount that you specify. You can also contact us via email at to discuss your needs.


During the Remote Coug Experience, FIZ employees will do the work, students in a course will act as project managers.