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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Frank Innovation Zone

Intended Audience

The resources of the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture’s Frank Innovation Zone (FIZ) are open to WSU students, faculty and staff. Access in managed through Cougar Card permissions resulting from documented FIZ training and practice activities. Getting started is easy, Visit the FIZ Community Studio and Service Center located on the ground floor of Dana Hall – Room 15 during open hours.

Community Membership link to FIZ Participation Agreement & Assumption of Risk and Release of Claims and Liability form. We are a community about learning by doing, and the sharing of ideas and expertise.

Access, Training, and Badging– Each FIZ Studio has managed access via WSU ID – Cougar Cards. Training for each studio is unique to the tools and equipment available. A badge system is used to recognize Student Leaders. All members are encouraged to obtain their badge and begin training for the studios they intend to use.

Community Membership Guidelines

In the spirit of community we ask our members to commit to shared values, namely:

  • Each member will be safety conscious – This will be demonstrated by:
    • Learning, practicing, teaching and reinforcing the safety expectations of the FIZ and WSU. We expect each member to be trained on proper use before equipment is used.
    • Participating in the training and instruction available for each area to earn access. We expect that training to be used for your own safety and to help support the training and safe practices of others.
    • Leading the safety culture. We expect each member to contribute to and reinforce the need for members to maintain clean and safe work areas. All members must report broken equipment or safety hazards to allow these to be address as quickly as possible.
  • Each member will contribute to a respectful environment – This will be demonstrated by:
    • Showing courtesy and respect for others. We expect members demonstrate courteous attitudes and speech in their interactions with other members and visitors.
    • Demonstrating care and concern for the shared spaces and equipment. We expect you to clean up after yourself and reinforce that practice by others.
  • Each member will support a leading and learning community – This will be demonstrated by:
    • Recognizing that everyone has something to share and something to learn. We expect members to value the ideas of others and engage in learning through community participation.

Supporting a collaborative community. We expect members to apply their creative and teamwork skills supporting the success and learning of all members..

Being a part of the FIZ Community carries with it risks associated with using the spaces, equipment and tools made available to members. In acknowledgement of these risks members are required to complete a release of claims and liability form. The form is included with the Participation Agreement. Both can be completed by visiting the FIZ Service Center – Dana 15.

Access, Training, and Badging

White Badge-100pxA Level 1 FIZ Badge (WHITE) is earned with Community Membership. Members may purchase their engraved badge from the FIZ Service Center. Badges do not control access to studios, they are recognition of training and a desire to help other members know who is capable in each of the studio areas.

A Level 2 FIZ Badge (Yellow) allows Extended Access by members and is earned by Yellow Badge-100pxcompleting initial training for a studio. This training will allow a member to access the selected studio using their WSU ID – Cougar Card. EQUIPMENT USE IS LIMITED – Members MUST adhere to the following:

  • DO NOT work alone.
  • ONLY use equipment for which they have FIZ documented training. DO NOT allow visitors to use FIZ equipment or materials.
  • Follow ALL safety expectations for equipment being used.
  • Leave the studio in a Clean and Safe condition – notify the FIZ Service Center of any equipment theft, damage or other hazards.

The initial training will vary by studio but the expectations will be consistent:

  1. Orientation – Members will typically watch and orientation video for a piece of equipment, followed by and quiz. The successful results of this quiz will be emailed to the FIZ Service Center ( for documentation. This allows the member to have supervised access to the studio where the equipment is located.
  2. Practice – Members will typically watch a demonstration video to observe proper use of the equipment. This will include safety expectations and skills that they need to develop. FIZ Student Leaders will provide supervised access and support for members during this training time. Members will practice the necessary skills until they have been mastered.
  3. Skill Demonstration – Members will schedule a demonstration with FIZ Student Leaders. FIZ Student Leader will observe and document successful demonstration for the equipment.

Green Badge-100pxA Level 3 FIZ Badge (GREEN) also allows Extended Access to a particular studio. This badge recognizes that the member has completed the initial training for ALL of the equipment in the selected studio. We encourage all Level 3 members to wear their Badges when in the FIZ so that they can be recognized as resources for members. Level 3 Members MUST also practice and model the following:

  • DO NOT work alone.
  • DO NOT allow visitors to use FIZ equipment or materials.
  • Follow ALL safety expectations for equipment being used.
  • Leave the studio in a Clean and Safe condition – notify the FIZ Service Center of any equipment theft, damage or other hazards.

Multiple Studios: This process is repeated for each studio. Some equipment is duplicated for each studio and may earn students Level 2 access for additional studios.