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Washington State University WSU Innovation Corps (I-Corps)

Spring 2017 Teams

Team Chimeric Designs

Alexander Brown, Kevin Gray,  Ashfin Khan

Chimeric Designs’s technology overcomes a major weakness of Antibody-Drug Conjugates by utilizing antibody fusion proteins that super-functionalize a drug. Our approach increases the effectiveness of ADCs several times and we hope to be a partner with the pharmaceutical industry to create improved drugs that selectively target cancer cells.

Team BiMBy Power

Ray Donelick, Margaret Donelick

Team BIMBY is designing compressed air energy storage vessels for active and abandoned mines by using which utilizes waste rock. materials Our innovations will help meet critical needs of the renewable energy sector (energy storage), the environmental sector (cleaning up mine sites) and mining communities (providing long term jobs, even after the traditional mining operation is complete).

Team GreenFilters

Katie Zhong, Hamid Souzandeh

The GreenFilters product utilizes natural materials (agriculture and forestry origin) to create green air filtering materials which exceed the capabilities of traditional petroleum-based filters, including the ability to remove both solid (dust and particles) and gaseous (toxic chemicals and biologic agents simultaneously.

Team Semplice*

Team Ambrosia

Derek, Jiwan, Charles Diako, Nik Nikolov, Alexander Meldrum, Andrew Jaboro, Henry Baker

Do you remember eating citrus “dream bars” in hot summer days? Orange, lime or raspberry sherbet blended with vanilla ice cream. What if you could find that same heavenly taste again, but this time in a drink full of electrolytes, low in sugar, and made from Greek yogurt? Greek yogurt is the fastest growing dairy product line in America. The benefits of yogurt consumption are well-documented, but Greek yogurt production results in a large amount of acidic whey; the yogurt industry has no economical solution to utilize this byproduct, but WSU Food Science students have a plan: a new consumer beverage that will remind you of childhood summers while providing as much potassium as a banana, a boost of protein, and low calories. Team Semplice has proprietary recipes validated by consumer taste panels (including many focused on international palettes) and is ready to partner locally, nationally, and internationally to bring their product to market.

Team Home Pharmacist

Cheyenne Newsome, Melanie Shelden,  Mike Ebinger

Home Pharmacist seeks to bring to revolutionize the pharmacy experience, and make quality pharmacy care available to place-bound and rural patients. By visiting patients in their homes and making medication recommendations to their doctors and nurses, Home Pharmacists can provide private and holistic care to patients regardless of their ability to travel to a pharmacy or doctor’s office.

Team iWatch-uShape

Yuchao Ma, Marjan Darabad, Sayed Dezfooli

iWatch-uShape is an innovative personal wellness coach watches you to shape as you wish. It leverages state-of-art machine learning and wearable computing techniques to learn your dietary habit and rest and exercise schedule, intelligently designs a customized diet and fitness plan to assist you to reach your personal goal. Furthermore, iWatch-uShape provides you with a community-based experience enables sharing your progress with your support group and keeping your momentum.

Team POC Diagnostic*

Shuangyi Bai, Yang Song

POC Diagnostic is developing point-of-care devices for field monitoring and diagnosis. We aim to provide portable and low cost systems able to rapidly detect a wide variety of disease biomarkers, heavy metals and pathogens, without requiring expensive lab equipment or highly-trained technicians.

Team Nanoptics/Powersyl

William Schlecht, Wen-Ji Dong

Nanoptics is developing solar capture based on the unique phenomenon of nanoparticle-induced photon scattering. The technology provides higher efficiencies for existing solar cells. Our device can be transparent or semi-transparent with different facial colors. Therefore, the our material can be used in novel building materials such as window glass and sidings of residential homes or office buildings to convert both direct and diffuse sunlight into electricity.

Team MathFire

Charlene Fluster, Matt Fluster

Team MathFire has created an interactive math education product designed to help students at the transition point between counting and basic arithmetic. Our product is designed specifically to combat “math anxiety,” and to help parents and children work toward math competence AND confidence in a fun, immersive game environment.


William Schlecht, Shuang Guo, Wen-Ji Dong

NG ELISA’s kit works with all different platforms of the traditional ELISA assays and can reduce ELISA assay time from hours to 20 minutes without compromising its sensitivity and specificity. ELISA is the current dominant approach to immunoassay for protein identification. The production cost of our kit is comparable to the cost of a traditional ELISA; therefore, the NG ELISA technology will save significant time with minimal or no increase in cost to the user.

*participated in Fall 2016 I-Corps cohort.