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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation


As an LSAMP student, you will have the opportunity to tackle real work projects and interact with experienced professionals in the field. Undergraduate research opportunities will link LSAMP students with faculty and graduate students and build upon their critical thinking and problem-solving skills – all requirements of scientific study.

Overall, participation in LSAMP will introduce them to scientific techniques and discipline-specific applications of those techniques, as well as a team of WSU faculty, staff, and members of industry in the Pacific Northwest that are committed to their success. The LSAMP program at Washington State University will serve as a visible and accessible support system for all underrepresented minority students with an interest in STEM.

The WSU-LSAMP program supports the National Science Foundation’s strategic goal to help create a diverse, competitive and globally engaged U.S. workforce of scientists, engineers, technologists and well-prepared citizens. Therefore, WSU has been and will continue to be committed to increasing the diversity and excellence of its student population.


Find out how you can get a $625 or $1250 dollar research stipend!


LSAMP’s strategic partnerships with the industry leaders such as Boeing, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Micron, and Microsoft can get you connected to a possible summer internship. Contact LSAMP for internship information.

Additional Benefits

  • Academic advising
  • Orientation courses
  • Math workshops/courses
  • Faculty-Student Mentoring
  • Undergraduate research
  • Conference Poster Presentations
  • Graduate school preparation