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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation

STEM Community College Ambassadors

LSAMP STEM Community College Ambassadors serve as leaders on the WSU campus. They help LSAMP Scholars at community colleges, incoming freshmen, transfers, and current LSAMP participants get connected with research and resources; assist in the planning and organizing of workshops and events for the LSAMP program; and create a comfortable, diverse community for underrepresented minorities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Ambassadors are expected to:

  • Regularly communicate with mentees and community college scholars.
  • Co-coordinate LSAMP activities (i.e. conferences, trainings, banquets).
  • Participate in student-led training (i.e. cultural competencies, professional development).

Become an Ambassador


  • Ambassador stipends
  • Networking activities (e.g. laser tag, BBQs, hiking, movie nights, holiday parties)
  • Improve communication and collaboration skills
  • Work alongside a faculty mentor and develop professional related skills
  • Leadership training
  • Increase self-confidence level
  • Improve organizational skills
  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Develop cross-cultural sensitivity/knowledge
  • Access to graduate information


  • Be a full time STEM student
  • Former LSAMP community college (Highline, Seattle Central, Yakima, Columbia Basin)
  • Have a 3.2 cumulative GPA
  • Have attended at least ONE year at WSU (24 credits) or more
  • Be available for training in late summer/fall
  • Demonstrate high ethical standards and cultural competency
  • Commit a full year to mentoring
  • Communicate and work well with others

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Meet Our Ambassadors

Alejandra Carranza

My name is Alejandra Carranza; I am a sophomore double majoring in Architecture/Civil Engineering. For me home is where my family is, I’m originally from Zillah, WA but I grew up everywhere. I grew up in the Yakima Valley, Washington West Coast, Los Angeles, CA, and Phoenix, AZ. I’m pursuing these two degrees because I want to give back to my community by providing hope and a place to call home; a safe environment. I grew interested in my fields of study because of Habitat for Humanity club that was offered at my high school. I learned that giving hope to someone is the greatest gift you can ever receive, and I believe that with my degrees I can accomplish that. A fun fact about me I love to travel and I am obsessed with El dia de los Muertos. I love to travel because I get to discover something new every day, I love El dia de los Muestos because its full of rich color and culture.

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Ana Trejo

My name is Ana Trejo and I will be stating my fourth and final undergraduate school year at WSU this fall. I am the proud daughter of two Mexican parents and come from a family of six. I come from a small town that is large in agriculture and is known as Bridgeport, Washington. I have learned and developed many values from growing up in a primarily Latino community, who worked endlessly to make sure their families got ahead. I aspire to make my community back home proud as I apply myself fully to my education and make sure I lend a hand to those in need. Learning has always been exciting to me and my education has always been my greatest priority. Community involvement is also something I work to incorporate in my life and have done so on campus by actively participating in organizations, such as, M.E.Ch.A. de WSU. My passion and love towards animals has led me joyfully pursue a major in Zoology, while my respect for my native language led me to seek my secondary Spanish major.

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Asucena Alvarado

My name is Asucena Alvarado, I was born and raised in Jalisco, Mexico, but in 2010 my family and I came to the United States. Now, I live in Othello, WA where I graduated from high school. When I came here, I didn’t speak English and it was hard to learn it at the high school level, but I am still learning. I always like to learn new things because learning is the main step of success. I am in my fourth year at Washington State University studying a double major: architecture and Spanish. As a Spanish native speaker, I wanted to improve my language, and I decided to study architecture because since I was little I was interested in the construction field. Furthermore, I am the oldest of my family, and I want to be a role model for my little siblings, I want to inherit them my passion for the school. I consider myself as a responsible, dedicated, and honest person. Sometimes I could be so shy, but also I can be an extroverted person. I like to work with other people and help them. My friends describe me as a trustful, friendly and humble person. My motivation is my family and friends, and I always said “querer es poder” (if you want to do it, then you can do it) because there are no impossible barriers to pass.

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Gabriel Cortez

My name is Gabriel Cortez and I am from Tacoma, WA. I am currently a senior in Genetics & Cell Biology and have been a part of Dr. Kang’s lab in the department of Chemistry for over one year now.  When I am not studying I enjoy reading, learning about the stock market and getting outside, specifically hiking. I aspire to obtain a Ph.D in molecular biology once completing my undergraduate degree so that I may ultimately become a cancer research scientist. LSAMP has given me the opportunity to meet others who pursue similar interests as I do and ultimately I would like to help students have similar experiences so that they may utilize every opportunity possible.

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Jessica Puente Arroyo

My name is Jessica Puente Arroyo. I’m from a small town Tonasket, Wa ( fun fact its 30 minutes away from Canada). Currently I am doubling majoring in Microbiology and Spanish. Next fall would be my fifth year at WSU, I have become familiar with resources in campus. I am willing to help student with anything they might need to reach for their goals. It would be an opportunity to be part of the Student Advisory Board to help incoming freshmen or transfer students to take advantage of the resources and meet people who are as passionate as them. In my free time, I enjoy time with my friends, be in the outdoors, and watch movies. I want motivate students to fight for their dreams.

Email address:

Manuel Brambila-Diaz

You can call me Alex; I am starting my junior year at WSU majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in mathematics. I like to go on road trips around the country and am a huge car enthusiast. I enjoy getting together with other students in study groups and serving as a re-source for those who need it. I love to have a good laugh and always have fun no matter what I may be doing.

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Marco Arceo

My name is Marco Arceo. I am from Tacoma, Washington. I will be a sophomore come next fall who is majoring in Computer Science. I am someone that likes being a motivator for others when they are feeling down or lost. I chose to become a Computer Scientist because I like challenging myself and working with algorithms. Becoming a part of the Student Advisory Board would be a fantastic achievement for me as it would allow me to work with students who are going through similar challenges. Outside of my major, I like to watch sports and play them, in particular soccer. My plan for the future is to take part in research at the school and tutor students who struggle with Computer Science.

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Ramiro Gonzalez

I’m Ramiro Gonzalez a third year college student from Sunnyside WA, going into mechanical engineering. I chose to go into the stem field because I love learning and I enjoy working with and helping people. Which is why I am excited to help incoming freshmen and transfer students be successful here by helping them take advantage of all the resources available to them at WSU. Last year I participated in a research project modeling next generation batteries. When I’m not studying or working I spend a lot of my time with cougar crew rowing.

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Savanna Garza

Hi! I am Savanna Garza and I will be a sophomore for fall of 2017. I am currently a zoology major on the pre-vet track. I am an out-of-state student so my hometown is Bakersfield, CA where the summers can be 105 degrees regularly (yikes). I enjoy playing tennis out on the courts and practicing piano in my free time. I am active through WSU’s CCE program with weekly volunteer projects such as Orphan Acres or Humane Society. My favorite thing about WSU is that there is always something new to explore or learn about. For example, the CUB once had a bowling alley downstairs. Who knew. I also participate with clubs such as zoology club and pre-vet club. If you were to see me anywhere on campus, feel free to say hi and chat!

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Shaylynn Morgan

My name is Shaylynn Morgan. I am from Battle Ground Washington, a town right outside of Vancouver. I will be a Sophomore here at WSU in the Fall of 2017. My major is Mechanical Engineering. I chose to go into the STEM field because I have always excelled in math and I enjoy tinkering and taking things apart. On my free time, I like to play soccer and be in the outdoors. I hope to be able to help students and peers be successful here at WSU.

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Synekia Bouie

My name is Synekia Bouie, but most people just call me Nicki. I am a freshman majoring in Microbiology with the Medical Technology Option. I am originally from Jackson, Mississippi, but I have been in WA for three years now. My friends would describe me as motivated, humorous and very diligent. When not doing homework, I love to watch football, hang with friends, and eat. I am pursuing a degree in Microbiology because I feel as if the African American community is undereducated about the importance of health and science in general. Pursuing this degree is not only giving hope to the African American community, but also to the women in STEM majors at all college campuses. It is important to me to always succeed and be a leader because you never know who you’ll inspire from a far. Being a first generation college student is especially important to me and I carry it on my heart every day. I want my younger siblings to have hope that they too can complete college and earn a degree in what they love. Becoming a SAB will allow me to inspire incoming freshman to love and cherish STEM and build perseverance because it will most definitely be useful as the classes get tougher.

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