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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Newsletter 2016

From the Director

Michael KesslerThese are truly exciting times in the history of our school as we continue to see unprecedented growth. I’m proud of the transformative educational experience that we provide. We are educating and preparing our students for professional careers and leadership, and our researchers are conducting important fundamental and applied research that is leading to new knowledge, technology, and design. We are engaging with people, industry, and our communities to improve the quality of life and enhance economic development. We strive to positively impact our society.

This year our undergraduate enrollment exceeded 1,000 students for the first time ever. We graduate more mechanical engineering students than any other program in the Pacific Northwest. Our graduate student enrollment is 70 percent higher than a decade ago, and we awarded a record number of doctorate degrees last year. To keep up with the rapid growth, we have hired many new faculty and staff, including six new tenured or tenure track faculty in Pullman, and four new clinical faculty and instructors just this year.

We’re pleased that we can bring our programs to more people than ever by expanding around the state. The University broke ground for the construction of the new Everett University Center building earlier this year. With a targeted move-in of July 2017, the mechanical engineering facilities there will take up most of the first floor of the building. We have developed new electives in applied rocketry and marine engineering, among others, for our students. Some of the students from the rocketry class recently competed in an international rocket competition.

Meanwhile, our researchers are working harder than ever. They received more than five million dollars in grants in 2015 from an ever-increasingly competitive pool of federal research dollars. Our researchers continue to make important advances to address our nation’s grand challenges, leading advances in fields ranging from biomaterials to energy storage.

Of course, your support continues to play an integral role in our success. Your funding of our student activities, research, and academic programs makes a key difference in helping us thrive. I always welcome hearing from you about your thoughts for the school’s future. As always, please feel free to share your news with us or come by if you are in Pullman.


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Micheal Kessler

Berry Family Director and Professor