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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Mechanical and Materials Engineering Newsletter 2017

Featured Articles

Keeping up with Kory

Kory O’Connor working with Wazzu RacingMechanical engineering major Kory O’Connor is a man in motion: “Since I was a kid, I have loved taking things apart and figuring out how they worked.”


Rising to the challenge

Xiaopeng Bi and two students watch another student inspect rover components at a workbench.For Xiaopeng Bi, teaching is both a passion and a privilege. He is known for bringing real-world projects into his classroom.


Researchers develop recycling for carbon fiber composites

Jinwen Zhang with his carbon fiber recycling research teamA research team for the first time has developed a promising way to recycle the popular carbon fiber plastics that are used in everything from modern airplanes and sporting goods to the wind energy industry.


Making the grade: WSU online degrees rank among nation’s best

Amy Felt, NASA aerospace engineer and WSU Everett mechanical engineering graduateAs she gazes out her office window, NASA aerospace engineer Amy Felt looks out on the legendary launch pad at Kennedy Space Center: “I made a point of riding in both elevators just so I could say I’ve ridden in the same elevator as Neil Armstrong.”



Researchers develop environmentally friendly soy filter

MME student named a Goldwater Scholar

Lynn receives Eminent Faculty award

Harnessing hydrogen

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