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Washington State University School of Design + Construction News – 2016

School builds support for virtual laboratory

The School of Design and Construction is working to develop a virtual laboratory in Carpenter Hall.

The lab is intended to support the teaching and learning of emergent digital tools, distance collaboration through high-quality video conferencing, and the presentation of large-format digital media in multidisciplinary, interactive settings.

The lab also will provide a dedicated space for SDC students to engage leading-edge technologies and connect with external partners, enhancing the student experience and advancing the school’s commitment to excellence in outreach and education.

“We are eager to see the SDC Virtual Laboratory come to fruition,” said Phil Gruen, director of the SDC. “We envision this space as a showcase for the school that will benefit all disciplines —one that is befitting of its collaborative and professional educational model.”

For more information and to provide support for the SDC Virtual Laboratory, contact Devon Anderson, senior director of development, 509-335-2197 or