What makes Washington State University stand out from the crowd for many of those looking to get an engineering degree?

We ask electrical engineering major Brandon Hahn for his thoughts on what makes WSU such a special place.

Brandon Hahn.

Name: Brandon Hahn

Expected Date of Graduation: May 2022

Major: Electrical Engineering, minor in Computer Engineering

High School / Community College: Arlington High School / Everett

Activities: IEEE, Mars Rover Team, Boeing Scholar

Q: What have you learned in your major, or experienced in your classes or your activities during your time at WSU, that will help you most in your future?

A: I have learned how to efficiently work as a part of a team! I think all the group projects that I worked on have prepared me well to join or lead a highly functioning team of engineers.

Q: Why would you recommend attending Washington State University? How have you benefitted by attending WSU?

A: I recommend attending WSU to every person possible! The support of the very tightly knit community, as well as the highly skilled and personal professors, makes an excellent learning environment.

Q: What advice do you have for fellow or prospective students?

A: Develop strong study habits and form a study group. The workload can be difficult at times and having a group of friends to study with can make an immeasurable difference.

Q: What has been your favorite class at WSU?

A: Favorite class: EE324 Fundamentals of Digital Systems, I was able to learn in-depth how modern technology works, as well as develop my own design for a final project.