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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Society of Women Engineers

WSU Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Officers, 2016-2017
The Society of Women Engineers exists to encourage women to pursue engineering as a career. This not only includes recruitment, but also support and networking. At WSU we are focused on:

  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Service

We welcome women from the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture as well and math and science majors.

Men are welcome to join our group and support their classmates and fellow future engineers.

We do not charge dues, so showing up to meetings and activities automatically makes you a member!

If you would like to receive the SWE Magazine and get updates about the professional SWE sector, you can pay and become a nationally-recognized member at


The only way to keep our club going, both at WSU and nationally, is to keep encouraging young women to pursue degrees in math, science, and engineering. We help out by speaking to math and science classes in local middle schools, as well as putting on a Kids Engineering Day for local elementary schools. This year we hope to reach out to high schools as well and encourage teens to pursue scientific and technical majors in college. Time permitting; we would like to expand this program to local schools in the Spokane and Tri-Cities area. This brings a lot of interest towards engineering and to Washington State University.


One of the biggest challenges facing women in technical majors is that they are often overwhelmed, intimidated, and under-supported in their studies. By joining SWE, young women meet friends, form study groups, recommend professors, and make important connections with staff, faculty, and professionals. SWE is here to offer support and help bridge these valuable connections.

General Meetings

6pm every other Monday (room TBA on Facebook):

What’s New?

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Upcoming Events

  • WE16 (National SWE Conference)


Alyssa Norris (CE)
Vice President:
Kiera Rust (ME)
Rachel Johnson (ME)
Roslyn VanSickle (BE/ME)
Activities Coordinator:
Samantha Grindrod (BE)
Mentor Program Coordinator:
Abbey Bottemiller (CE)
Graduate Student Chair:
Arghavan Talebanpour (ME)
Little SWEester Coordinator:
Sierra Bishop (Chemistry/MSE)

Contact Information

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