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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture computer science

Source code

Gina Sprint helping a Cougar Quest participant write computer code.
The key to success, says WSU computer science professor Gina Sprint, is knowing what success means to you.

Gina, what do you do at WSU?

I teach introductory computer science classes and research sensor data mining for healthcare applications.

Why do you like teaching?

Teaching is fun! Every day I have the opportunity to interact with my students. In my UCORE Computer Science 111 (CptS 111) class, my students learn how to solve a variety of interesting problems by writing computer programs. » More ...

WSU answers engineering demand with new degrees

Students hard at work in the intelligent robot learning lab

Washington State University has begun several new programs in software engineering, construction engineering, data analytics, and electrical engineering to meet high demand for engineers and computer scientists in the state. » More …

Out the hack door

Chen-Ching Lui is leading researchers in building the most comprehensive "smart city" laboratory in the world.

Researchers simulate holes and weaknesses in the smart grid, then work out ways to manage the risk of hackers interrupting and subverting the electric power system. » More ...

Code maker, code breakers

Washington State University professor Harriet B. Rigas taught one of the first computing curriculums in the nation. Today, WSU students and faculty encourage girls to explore the field of computer science.

WSU students and faculty encourage girls to explore the field of computer science. WSU hosts a computer science course to educate, inspire, and equip girls in grades 7–9 with the skills and resources to pursue opportunities in computing. » More ...