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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Training Afghani Architects and Engineers

Rick Cherf and Rafi Samizay with a construction management class in Afghanistan
Rick Cherf and Rafi Samizay, center, with construction management class in Afghanistan

As part of rebuilding efforts in war-torn Afghanistan, Rick Cherf, Assistant Professor in the School of Architecture and Construction Management, provided training and consulting on planning and scheduling techniques to local university and industry professionals.

With support from the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and Management Systems International, Cherf spent two weeks in Kabul, Afghanistan. After years of war, Afghan officials are working with USAID to bring about legal reform and build new judicial administrative facilities throughout the country.

Cherf conducted an eight-day construction management workshop on planning and scheduling techniques. The course provided concepts required to plan and schedule construction projects, including project management principles and software training for the Afghan Governance and Legal Reform Project through USAID. More than 40 engineers, faculty and architects attended the workshop atKabul University.

Cherf also consulted with the Afghan Governance and Legal Reform Project to provide a critical path schedule and plan for an administration building in Shinwari, Ghorband District, Parwan Province, Afghanistan. This schedule is to be used as a model for nine similar judicial administrative facilities throughoutAfghanistan. Through providing a proper sequence and critical path method, the owners can develop a bill of materials, bid documents, and a completion time when managing the construction of the facilities.

The trip came about with help from Rafi Samizay, Professor in the School ofArchitecture and Construction Management and a native of Afghanistan, who connected Cherf with USAID.