Creating Calendar Events for Voiland College Websites

Before You Start

Review the guidelines. Submissions go through a review process. Submitting events at least 10 days in advance is highly recommended to allow for leave time and busy periods.

Before You Finish

Review the form. The submitter is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of all information. Often overlooked, Step 10: Taxonomiesof this guide must be completed.

Step by Step

1. Log In

Visit the WSU Events Calendar and choose “Submit an Event” from the left-hand menu.

Log in with your NetID.

2. Guidelines

Once logged in, review the Events Q&A for submission guidelines. The Q&As can be found under “Dashboard” in the left-hand menu.

3. Event Name

If you do not see the “Add New Event” form on your screen, select “Events > Add New” from the left-hand menu.

Enter the name of your event in the “Name this event” field at the top of the page. Be concise – shorter titles work best.


Tip: Informative or catchy titles attract larger audiences, e.g. “The Space Elevator and Our Future” instead of “Graduate Seminar: Dr. Bryan E. Laubscher.”

4. Duration

Select the “All-day event” checkbox when your event does not have specific start/end times.

Select a start date and end date for your event. If you did not select “All-day event,” you must also choose a start time and an end time.

5. Location

Select the event location from the “Venue” drop menu. Include the room number and additional location details in the “Notes” field.

If the event location is not included in the “Venue” drop menu, leave the drop menu on “— Select Venue —” and provide a place name, address, and additional location details in the “Notes” field.

hand signaling stop.

Caution: Avoid submitting events to the calendar without locations (i.e. TBD).

6. Contact/Organizer

Enter the name, email, and phone number of the person or department best able to answer inquiries regarding the event.

exclamation mark.

Important: Use only official WSU contact information. Personal email addresses and phone numbers should not be used for official university communications.

7. Action

The “Action” section is optional and can be left blank.

If your event requires a special link (Zoom, registration, or an RSVP, for example), use the “Text” and “URL” fields to create a call-to-action button.

Text Field

Keep the text short, e.g. “Join us via Zoom” or “Register online.”

URL Field

Paste in the full address of the Zoom, registration, or RSVP or other Web page.

8. Cost

The “Cost” section is optional and can be left blank.

If there is a cost associated with your event, enter the amount in the “Price” field. Do not include the dollar ($) symbol.

9. Details

Enter a description of your event. Use complete sentences and provide any important details not covered in previous fields.


Tip: Notice the two tabs at the top right of the field in the Details section: “Visual” and “Text.” “Visual” is the default and should be active. If necessary select the “Visual” tab to make it active – otherwise you’ll be typing into the behind-the-scenes HTML.

hand signaling stop.

Caution: Do not to upload PDFs or other documents. Feel free to upload a photo but be sure to include alternative text in order to comply with the University policies and procedures.

10. Taxonomies

In order for your event to display on Voiland College websites, the “Taxonomies” section must be completed. Completing this section will also help visitors browse to your event on the WSU Events Calendar. The “Taxonomies” section can be found in the right-hand column of the submission form page on larger screens, or near the bottom of the page on smaller mobile device screens.

exclamation mark.

Important: This is a critical step. If you do not complete the Taxonomies fields, your event will not display on Voiland College calendars.


Select the field and choose the event type that best matches your event from the drop menu, e.g., Careers/Jobs, Lecture, Workshop/Seminar, etc. You can select more than one type.

University Categories

Select the field and choose the category(ies) related to your event. This field can be left empty if no categories are relevant.

University Location

Select the field and choose the University location where your event is being held.

University Organization

Select the field and do the following:

  1. Choose “Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture” in order for your event to appear on the Voiland College event calendar.
  2. If applicable, also choose one or more school(s)/department(s) within Voiland College that should display the event on their calendar, e.g.:
    1. School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering
    2. Civil and Environmental Engineering
    3. School of Design and Construction
    4. School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    5. Engineering and Computer Science (Tri-Cities)
    6. School of Engineering and Computer Science (Vancouver)
    7. School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
  3. If applicable, also choose any additional organization(s) involved with the event.

11. Excerpt

The “Excerpt” section should be completed with a 1-2 sentence summary of your event.

hand signaling stop.

Caution: Do not repeat the event title in the excerpt field.

12. Publish


When you have finished entering details about your event, select the “Preview” button. The button can be found near the upper right corner of the page on larger screens, or near the bottom of the page on smaller mobile device screens. This will open a new browser window/tab displaying your event as viewers will see it. Be sure to check that all information is correct and links are working.


Tip: If you need to stop working on your event and complete it later, select the “Save Draft” button located next to the “Preview” button. You can find your saved event later by logging in and selecting “Events” from the left-hand. You will be presented with a list of your events; select the name of your saved event to continue editing.


If you are satisfied with the preview or your event, return to the original editing window and select the blue “Submit for Review” button located just below the “Preview” button. Your event will be reviewed by the WSU calendar administrator; this may take a few days. Once approved, your event will appear on the WSU Events Calendar and, if the “Taxonomies” section was completed correctly, Voiland College and/or related school/department calendars.

hand signaling stop.

Caution: Your event cannot be edited once it has been both submitted for review and approved by the WSU calendar administrator. If changes are required after approval, use the “Contact Us” form found in the left-hand menu of the WSU Events Calendar website.