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Welcome Fellow Cougs!

Welcome to the Frank Innovation Zone, an accessible fabrication space for ALL WSU students! Spend some time getting to know us and bring your projects to work on with the support of various tools and assistance available. Our community fosters inclusivity, welcoming everyone to forge new connections and collaborate together. Join us and experience the spirit of innovation in an environment that values diversity and accessibility for all.

Please remember to wear closed toed shoes, denim and cotton, and no dangly jewelry or accessories if you are planning to work in any of our studios!


The Frank Innovation Zone (FIZ) is committed to accessibility and provides a centrally located, inclusive, and collaborative space with various tools for students to bring their ideas to life, work on class projects, and support club activities.

Situated on the ground floor of Dana Hall, this area is equipped with fabrication tools, testing and measurement equipment, storage areas, a supply store, and study spaces. It also features club and collaborative meeting spaces, as well as a supervised ‘fabrication space’ with supportive technology to foster creative innovation. The location is conveniently close to the college’s fully-equipped machining and fabrication shops, and a staff advisor is readily available to promote, advocate for, and advise students on their projects.

The FIZ serves as a starting point for student engagement and utilization of various “maker” spaces within Voiland College. Studios in Dana Hall will continuously develop resources, while other partner shops and studios offer access to advanced or specialty equipment to cater to unique project needs.

We are dedicated to ensuring an accessible and inclusive environment where all students can fully participate and thrive in their creative pursuits.

Current Hours of Operation

Summer 2024 Schedule

*Hours are subject to change, please check hours of operation frequently.

Monday – Friday | 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Saturday              | CLOSED

Sunday                 | CLOSED

Use of the FIZ will require adherence to current WSU policies related to COVID-19 precautions.

Holiday, Events, and Special Closures

Special Notices

FIZ will have various studios closed during the summer for maintenance and cleaning. Please be respectful of our rolling closures. Students who break FIZ policies and use closed rooms will be removed from the FIZ.