Meet the Team

FIZ Team Photo: (First Row: left to right) Will Hogg, Aleia Gerhardt, Solon Simpson, Samuel Tan, Johnathan Schladetzky, Audrey Brutman, Carlos Venegas, Lillian Zaborski, Judah Lints, Paul Vernier, Robert Pao, Rama Kyanza, Mae Siev, (Second Row: Left to Right) Noit Manochamnong, Callie Meyer. 

(Missing in the photo: Leo Ohata)

Meet the Team!

This is our current team at the Frank Innovation Zone! If you ever have a questions or concerns, you can reach out to any of us who are on shift! Whether be it, finding directions, homework, general questions, or simply just would like to have a conversation, we are here to accommodate to students!


Headshot of Mae Siev

Maynard ‘Mae Siev

Instructional Lab Manager

Major: Civil Engineering

Year: Graduated in 2018

Hobbies: Working on various vehicles both ICE and Electric.

Proudest Achievement: Being the first in my immediate family to earn a 4-year degree.

Next move in life: It’s yet to come.

Headshot of Aleia Gerhardt

Aleia Gerhardt

Assistant Manager

Major: Electrical Engineering

Minor: Computer Science

Year: Sophomore

Hobbies: I like to play video games and watch videos on YouTube.

Proudest Achievement: My proudest achievement is my work in the robotics clubs that I have been a part of in both high school, and now in college.

Next move in life: After I graduate college I’d like to find an engineering job in Washington and stay in the state.

Headshot of Zoey Fichtel

Zoey Fichtel

Safety Manager

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Minors: Mathematics and Computer Science

Year: Senior

Hobbies: Reading, Painting, Horseback Riding, and Learning New Languages

Proudest Achievement: Being involved in undergraduate research

Next move in life: Going to graduate school and earning my Ph.D. in robotic engineering

FIZ Shop Assistants

Headshot of Carlos Venegas

Carlos Venegas

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Year: Senior

Hobbies: Work on cool projects, learn new skills, and work with my hands.

Proudest Achievement: Making it into college because no one has ever pushed me to do anything with my life, so finding purpose to assert myself was something that I greatly admired.

Next move in life: Graduating college and pursuing a job in the defense industry.

Headshot of Audrey Brutman

Audrey Brutman

Major: Physics and Mechanical Engineering

Minor: Mathematics

Year: Senior

Hobbies: Woodworking, Crochet, Beadwork projects, and caring for plants.

Proudest Achievement: Utilizing my physics and engineering knowledge, such as my involvement as President of Robosub, and my work at the Institute for Shock Physics and Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Next move in life: I plan to pursue further education in experimental high energy physics, and adopt 10 million dogs.

Headshot of Callie Meyer

Callie Meyer

Major: Bio-Engineering

Minor: Genetics and Cell Biology

Year: Senior

Hobbies: Painting, Sewing, and Baking.

Proudest Achievement: Adopting and caring for my beautiful dog. I love her with my whole heart, and she makes me happy everyday.

Next move in life: Transitioning out of Pullman and becoming a successful research scientist working on genetically engineered plants.

Headshot of Solon Simpson

Solon Simpson

Major: Material Science and Engineering

Year: Senior

Hobbies: I am a professional sharpener, and I teach martial arts on the weekends. I also enjoy video games, building stuff, and fire dancing.

Proudest Achievement: I built an entire manufacturing shop from a bare garage.

Next move in life: I will be pursuing my Master’s here in WSU.

Headshot of Charles Ludwig

Charles Ludwig

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Year: Junior

Hobbies: Video Games and High-Powered rockets

Proudest Achievement: Competing in the Spaceport America cup and successfully recovering the rocket

Next move in life: Finishing my Bachelors degree.

Headshot of Heidi Haze

Heidi Haze

Major: Civil Engineering 

Minor: Math

Year: Senior 

Hobbies: Sports/ games (i.e. golf, cards, and ping pong) 

Proudest Achievement: Built a chair out of old wooden baseball bats 

Next Move in Life: Pursuing a job in transportation engineering.

Headshot of Rylee Gannon

Rylee Gannon

Major: Chemical Engineering 

Year: Sophomore

Hobbies: Cooking, working out, watching movies 

Proudest Achievement: Attaining my Associates in Biology as I graduated High School.

Next move in life: Pursuing a job in renewable or nuclear energy.

Headshot of Cavin Yap

Cavin Yap

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Year: Sophomore

Hobbies: Cars, specifically BMWs

Proudest Achievement: Building/restoring my cars

Next move in life: Continue college at WSU and pursue a job in the automotive parts industry

Headshot of Gabe Szabo

Gabriel Szabo

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Year: Senior

Hobbies: Moutain biking and Photography

Proudest Achievement: Studying in the Netherlands for a year completely on my own and then traveling safely back during the pandemic

Next move in life: Get an internship at an engineering company

Headshot of Austin Flood

Austin Flood

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Year: Senior

Hobbies: 3D Printing, Video Games, Warhammer, and Rock Climbing

Proudest Achievement: I’m pretty proud of managing to pass ME 313

Next move in life: Considering pursuing a PhD

Henry Castillo

Major: Material Science and Engineering

Minor: Mechanical Engineering

Year: Sophomore

Hobbies: Rock Climbing, Fabrication, and Learning

Proudest Achievement: Existing

Next move in life: Attain a broader understanding of human existence through interactions, adversity, and philosophical analysis

Headshot of Evelyn Krupa

Evelyn Krupa

Major: Electrical Engineering

Year: Senior

Hobbies: Electronics, Ham Radio, Video Games, and Art

Proudest Achievement: Making a CPU from scratch

Next move in life: Get a PhD

Headshot of Zach Klein

Zach Klein

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Minor: Material Science

Year: Sophomore

Hobbies: Combat Robotics and Playing the Violin and Viola

Proudest Achievement: Excellence in engineering award for my high school robotics team

Next move in life: Move back to the west side to work in robotics

Headshot of Lilly Fredericksen

Lilly Fredericksen

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Year: Sophomore

Hobbies: Guitar and Modding Gameboys

Next move in life: Furthering research in bio-printing/tissue growth in order to grow organs