About the Frank Innovation Zone

Established in 2014 with generous support from the Raintree Foundation, the Frank Innovation Zone (The FIZ) is dedicated to nurturing entrepreneurial skills in students and providing them with diverse hands-on learning opportunities. As our fabrication space, The FIZ welcomes students from all disciplines and takes pride in transforming their ideas into reality. Our studios, spanning over 3,000 square feet, are equipped with a wide array of conventional and computer-controlled equipment.

The primary goal of The FIZ is to bolster and enhance the educational experiences offered by the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture. Through a blend of classroom and extracurricular projects, students gain invaluable physical, personal, and professional skills that enrich their teamwork and prepare them for the workforce.

Strategically located within Dana Hall, adjacent to vibrant clubs and the Voiland College professional shops, The FIZ offers numerous benefits. This proximity ensures students and teams have convenient access to essential resources, elevating the quality of their work and enabling the exploration of innovative ideas and designs.