Studio Trainings

Before using any of the FIZ’s machines in our community, first you have to sign up to go through the proper trainings required for each studio in order to start work on your projects that you desire!

Membership is easy! Stop by the FIZ’s Service Center (Dana 15) on the day of the specific training and complete the Participation Agreement and Release of Claims and Liability form.

Each of the studios hosts a variety of equipment and machinery. Access to studios is limited to members who have FIZ documented training for a specific studio. Learn more about the FIZ Studios.

The initial training will vary by studio but the expectations will be consistent and include:

1) Orientation and Safety

2) Practice

3) Skill Demonstration.

Training Details


Studios are undergoing maintenance and cleaning in the summer. Please come down to Dana 15 and speak with us for availability of studio trainings.


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
10am – 11am              
11am – 12pm              
12pm – 1pm              
1pm – 2pm              
2pm – 3pm              
3pm – 4pm              
4pm – 5pm              
5pm – 6pm              
6pm – 7pm              

Dress Code:

Closed toed shoes are required at all times when using the FIZ studios.

Those with long hair are required to tie up your hair when using any machines.

*For welding training please avoid wearing synthetic clothing.


No pre-registration is required and the training sessions usually last for about 1 hour max. Each training session is limited to the first 6 students who arrive for the training session. Please come prepared and ready to learn!

For training please meet in the Community Studio (Dana 15) at least 15 minutes before the start time listed on the schedule to fill out the FIZ Community Agreement.

If, for any reason, you cannot make any of these time slots above, please contact the FIZ’s Instructional Manager at


Thank you! We can’t wait to see all of you down at the FIZ working on cool projects!