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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Harold Frank Engineering Entrepreneurship Institute

Current Frank Cohort

Shusanta Bhattarai

My name is Shusanta and I am very excited to be a part of the Frank Fellows Program! I am majoring in Computer Science and one of my major goals in life is to work/create something with SpaceX. I am an avid soccer fan and love to eat street food. A fun fact about me is that I was born in Nepal!

Kenneth Eversole

My name is Kenneth Eversole, a junior in Computer Science. To give you a little history of myself, I grew up in a small poor riverboat town in Southern Illinois in an equally small and poor family. Being born into these circumstances has given me the drive to better the world around me. This drive has already allowed me to make an impact at Washington State University in various ways.  When I am not working part time at SEL, going to school, or pouring time into the club I co-founded, Cougs in Space, I try to follow my favorite hockey team the St. Louis Blues.

Paige Ford

My name is Paige Ford and I am in my Junior year of Bioengineering at Washington State University.  Belfair, Washington, a small town on the tip of the hood canal, is where I was born and raised. My home has been in the family for over 4 decades and I always enjoy going home to visit.  Before attending university, I was enrolled in both culinary arts school and community college.  Through those two endeavors, I made it out with my Associate of Science degree leading up to the continuation of my education through WSU’s Bioengineering program.  Because of my background, I have a running joke about engineering being my back up plan the moment I decided being a chef wasn’t for me.  Since coming to WSU, I have experienced many facets of life that have allowed me to grow as an individual—I was elected the president of the Biomedical Engineering Society for 2017 and have joined a research group on campus. Through the Frank Fellows program, I am hoping to learn invaluable skills necessary to fabricate and market new biotechnology.  I believe that biotechnology is crucial to today’s society, and I want to be among the first people to make my mark on this rapidly growing field.

Aidan Garcia

I’m Aidan Garcia, and I’m a Chemical engineering major. I’m passionate about learning new things, and using that knowledge to create. At home I spend a lot of time in the shop, but here at school I have to limit myself to math, books, and programming. I still enjoy physical manifestations of the principles we’re learning, and as such, I’m one of the few people in my generation who owns a slide rule.

Thomas Goble

My name is TJ Goble and I am working towards a major in Neuroscience and a minor in Business Economics. I am from the California Bay Area. I am passionate about on going work in biotechnology, and pharmaceutical development. One fun fact about me is, I have a twin brother who goes to the University of Alabama.

Genevieve Harvey

Genevieve M. Harvey is a current junior at the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University. She is pursuing a double major in Science Communication and Multimedia Journalism. Genevieve is a non-traditional student who began seeking her bachelor’s degree at the age of twenty-four. As a non-traditional student she has learned that working closely with academic advisors, professors, and teaching assistants is key to finding opportunities and being successful in her course work and beyond. Her interests include microbiology, academic research writing, grant writing, and pop culture.  As a recipient of the Harold Frank Engineering Entrepreneurship Internship she is most looking forward to collaborating with students across various disciplines.

Ian McDonald

Ian McDonald is starting his 4th year at Washington State University, pursuing a double degree in Economic Sciences and Business Administration. Along with the work he does for the ASCC, Ian is a Carson College of Business Ambassador, and Academic Chair for the co-ed business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi. He has a personal interest in Big Data and its uses in statistical analysis, as well as machine learning. Outside of his academics, he enjoys spending time on his Taekwondo class, fitness, and his friends.

Lars Neuenschwander

Lars is a junior in bioengineering who grew up in Pullman, Washington. He currently works as both a Student Ambassador for the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture and an Undergraduate Researcher in Dr. Haluk Beyenal’s lab at WSU where he studies antibiotic resistance. Lars completed his high school education in Gothenburg, Sweden where he received his International Baccalaureate. Afterwards, his love for discovery led him to study abroad for eight months during his second year at WSU in the coastal city of Alicante, Spain.  Lars speaks both Swedish and Spanish, and most recently spent the last summer working in Kaiserslautern, Germany as a research intern. In his free time, Lars enjoys restoring his 25 foot wooden sailboat.

Kaitlin Pankratz

My name is Kaitlin Pankratz, and I am a third year bioengineering student. I hope to use bioengineering and entrepreneurship together to create innovative solutions to the world’s medical dilemmas. My current career interests include clinical engineering, or perhaps developing and making medical technology available to those without access to medical technology or treatment. My ultimate goal is to improve people’s lives make the world a better place. I am from a small rural town near Mount St. Helens, and my hobbies include dancing, playing tennis, photography, and exploring the outdoors. A fun fact about me is that I have been a Girl Scout since the second grade.

Rahul Singal

Third year Software Engineer who is passionate about making a difference in the field. Looking to gain business experience in the technology industry. I see artificial intelligence, which utilizes machine learning and augmented reality, as the future of computing. I follow tutorials and do projects on these in conjunction with my coursework in Software Engineering. The potential business applications in the future are infinite and I want to be a part of that.

Kiiza Gbadebo Smith

I am a Carson College of Business Student Ambassador and Academic Success and Career Center Peer Tutor for Economics. As an International student pursuing a double major in Economic Science and Management Information Systems, I have an interest in business analytics and computing. Through my leadership roles on campus, including my work as Team Economist for the Global Case Competition, I have developed strong communication and creative problem solving skills. Outside of academics, I enjoy swimming and jogging, as well as volunteering in the Pullman community in activities such as the Pullman Stream Clean-Up.

Mitchell Weholt

I’ve been working in Strategic Communication for almost ten years as a freelancer and I love project management. Although not a Pullman-native, I come from a family of Cougs. I’m originally from Everett, Washington and lived there until moving to Pullman for school. I’m a Junior at Washington State University working towards a degree in Strategic Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations. In addition to the major, I’m working towards a minor in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship. My experience is in photography, videography, and digital content promotion. I also own a small business called Weholt Creative and have worked with countless non-profits and businesses to help tell their stories. In my communication career, I hope to tell stories through public relations as an entrepreneur. I love visual storytelling and see a need for that in the public relations industry.

Jessica Zhou

Major: Computer Science, specialization in artificial intelligence.
I care a lot about the implications of technology, which aligns with my interest in a career in software engineering/product development. It was my past two internships at the Los Angeles Times as an editorial intern and then project lead intern where I gained an appreciation for the intersection of human-computer interaction, civic engagement, and technology. To be able to do similar work as the Google News Lab or Washington Post software engineering team would be a dream.
Fun Fact: I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and so my first semester at Wazzu (Fall 2016) was the first time I’d ever seen snow in my life!

Hannah Zmuda

Hannah Zmuda is a third-year Bioengineering student with a minor in Chinese. She hails from Bellevue, WA and greatly enjoys hiking and skiing on that side of the pass. Along with the typical schoolwork of a junior engineer, she also works in the Biofilms Engineering Research group. In the future, she hopes to do medical-related research and develop products to improve and benefit the field. In her free time, she likes to ski, hike, and listen to funny science jokes.