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  • 24 Questions for Students to Ask Employers at Info Sessions

    The purpose of an information session is for employers to inform you about their company. While employers will do a lot of the talking, they want to hear what questions you have about their company. By attending information sessions, with a wide variety of questions prepared, you are showing your interest in their company. If you don’t know where to start and need help preparing, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Check out these six categories below with specific questions on how to approach an information session below written by Ryan Pratt from The Campus Career Coach.

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  • 4 Reasons Students and Recent Grads Should Report Internships and Job Offers to Their School

    Universities and career centers are constantly trying to gain insight into their students’ internship and career experiences to not only improve their own process and curriculum but also to report outcomes to publications that rank the value of their degrees. Career centers also need their students and alumni to report their internship and job offers to understand interests and hiring trends specific to their university. This information is critical to every school’s experiential learning program – which in turn is a critical part of career development. As a student, you’re probably wondering, “…What do I get out of this?” Below are a few reasons why students and recent graduates … » More …

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  • 5 things new graduates should do to plan their careers

    Today’s graduates start their job search with a belief that they should enter their company or industry of choice immediately after graduation. Students often pursue dream jobs with a short-term mindset, thinking that they need to get started in their chosen area right away in order to be successful in their career. In order to avoid time being wasted, Rebecca Cook and Eric D. Johnson from The Conversation have created a five-step process for new graduates to get on the path to their dream job.

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