You have probably heard of a career coach, but do you know what they do and what they can do for you?  

It is common to hire a career coach, but luckily here at Washington State University they are a free resource for you! But do you know what they do? How they can help you? And why would someone go as far as hiring one after their education? All these questions and more will be answered in this blog. 

Let’s all be honest; we need a little help here and there in our life. Academic counselors guide us and provide educated direction on what courses to take in order to fulfill our desired careers, and which courses will fulfill graduation requirements. Personal counselors guide us in our life choices and help us understand our emotions. Wellness counselors guide us to make more appropriate decisions that can help us get to where our set goal is. The point is a counselor is someone who helps you when you are stuck and hoping to have some guidance on what decision to make. Sometimes it can be intimidating asking for help, but we all need it from time to time. But who do you go to, to get professional help on your resume, interview skills, or job searches? That is where a career coach can help. Career coaches specialize in the job searches, interviewing environments and current resume tips.  

You might be wondering why would someone hire a career coach? As a student  at  WSU, you are lucky to have a career services office that provides those workshops, seminars, and career coaching for free. But once you have left the education bubble, it can feel very isolating to make a new resume after 10 plus years on the job. Things change and those changes are not always evident when you are out of the loop. For example, it was accustomed to put your mailing address at the top of the resume, but that is really a thing of the past. A career coach can make sure your resume is with the times. The hiring workforce is forever changing, and a career coach is someone who can ensure that you are up to date and have the best possibility of getting hired for the job you want and the pay you deserve.  

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and perfect your resume, ask your burning interviewing questions and get guidance on landing a job you love from your career coaches at WSU. Please visit the Voiland College Internships & Career Services Virtual Zoom Daily Drop-In Hours 11am-4pm.