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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Student Success

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Please note that VCEA Tutoring is available during days when WSU holds classes. During holidays, like President’s Day, VCEA Tutoring is not in session.

Tutoring Services offers drop-in tutorials and is also available for one-on-one tutoring and workshops.

Tutors are experienced Voiland College undergraduates who are trained to work with students. Tutoring is available for all engineering, computer science, interior design, and architecture disciplines, so you can get specific help in your area of study. All students are welcome and drop-in hours are available Monday through Friday. To see this semester’s schedule, to to the Tutoring Schedule, by clicking the link on the left-hand spine, or just click here:

The Voiland College tutoring center offers undergraduates:

  • Free tutoring geared toward coursework in the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture.
  • Assistance in most disciplines.

We encourage students to visit the tutoring center before they even need support. Enter a zoom room just to study; tutors are available if needed. Please allow enough time to work with a tutor and then take time to work independently to reinforce what you’ve learned.

Tutors are undergraduate students who have experience with the classes you are currently taking. Bring in your textbooks, notes, assignment, scientific calculator, and any other materials that will help the tutor understand the specific work you’re doing.


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Additional Resources

Free online help available for all WSU undergraduates.

LSAMP Tutoring (Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation)
Free peer-to-peer tutoring for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) majors.

Math Learning Center
Free tutor-assisted study halls offered by the Department of Mathematics.

Multicultural Student Services Tutoring
The Academic Enrichment Center helps students improve academic performance by providing free tutoring.

Research-Related Peer Mentoring
Learn about undergraduate research from your peers.

Writing Center
Free peer tutoring to assist with university writing assignments.