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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Student Success

Team Appiture posing with an over-sized check for $15,000.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

The Harold Frank Engineering Entrepreneurship Institute

The Harold Frank Engineering Entrepreneurship Institute is a multidisciplinary program creating alliances between engineering, business, and communications. The Frank Institute is made up of junior- and senior-level engineering, communication or business students who are interested in technological entrepreneurship. The program aims to give students the tools and experiences they need to pursue their ideas.


Managed by the Innovation Research Engagement Office (IREO), WSU’s I-Corps Program is an 8-week program where faculty, undergraduate and graduate students and staff with innovative and entrepreneurial ideas are given the training, resources and support they need to turn those ideas into successful business products. Supported by the National Science Foundation, teams receive $2,500 in funding, meet with industry experts, conduct customer research, and receive feedback from the teaching team all with the specific intent of evolving their idea into a viable business at the end of 8 weeks. WSU’s I-Corps program is available at all WSU locations and applications from all colleges and programs of study are encouraged.