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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Student Success

Meet Your Tutors

Charlotte Wertz
Electrical Engineering
“Do every assignment and every practice material the professor gives you. Don’t skip over any concepts you feel shaky on — in other words, aim to understand 100% of the course.”
Emma Mickas
Computer Engineering
Jonas Talley
Mechanical Engineering
“Always work ahead, that way you have more time to work a foot.”
Joshua Konop
Computer Science
“Perseverance is the most important part of learning. Keep it up!”
Nhan Nguyen
“Questioning is central to learning, it helps you to start being the person with the answers.”
Mason Summers
“Understanding gets you a lot further than memorization. Take the time to review and learn from your mistakes and you will succeed.”
Chris Lane
Chemical Engineering
“Start with the easiest assignments and work up to the hard ones.”
Alex Verkamp
Interior Design
“Sometimes your best work comes from a misstep in the process. Enjoy the time working on your projects and have fun!!”
Nathan Lemay
Mechanical Engineering
“Try different ways of studying and find what works well for you. Usually the ‘best method’ is really just the one that you’ll actually do.”