What makes Washington State University’s Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture stand out from the crowd for those looking to get a degree?

We ask civil and environmental engineering major Jennifer Espin for her thoughts on what makes WSU such a special place.

Name: Jennifer Espin

Expected Date of Graduation: Spring 2023

Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering



  • Golden Beavers
  • WSU LSAMP/TMP Research Award
  • VCEA Hendrickson Foundation Scholarship
  • Cougar Commitment Grant
  • Invest in Cougs

Q: What have you learned in your major, or experienced in your classes or your activities during your time at WSU, that will help you most in your future?

A: Throughout my five years at WSU, I have not only acquired knowledge within my major but learned to work together in a group setting, communicate, have a positive and growth mindset, and how to become a better leader. These soft skills have guided me and helped me succeed in my career as a student and soon-to-be professional.

Q: What made you decide to attend WSU? Why did you choose your major?

A: The sense of a strong community. Every student that steps on the WSU campus can feel that warm feeling and support that the community offers to students, staff, and employees. WSU’s football games, social events, and making new friends are some of the best experiences I have had here.

I was raised to aim big. I wanted to become a doctor, professor, or even president of my home country. I enjoy overcoming a challenge, and engineering made this possible for me. I chose civil engineering because I’m very passionate about giving back to my community, and this major gives me the opportunity to practice my knowledge while creating bridges, buildings, and roadways to serve to my town.

Q: Why would you recommend attending Washington State University? How have you benefitted by attending WSU?

A: I would recommend coming to WSU because of the infinite programs they have for student success. It ranges from social, academic, financial, and professional support. As a first-generation student and a woman of color in engineering, WSU, VCEA, and other programs I am involved with have been next to me to guide me to where I am now. WSU is a safe, great place to get out of your comfort zone and is a place to meet new people and try new things knowing you have the support from your community.

WSU has helped me to grow personally, professionally and academically. Professors and staff have given me the confidence and motivation to finish strong and be my best self, in and out of college.

Q: What advice do you have for fellow or prospective students? What can you recommend they do to succeed in your major or at WSU?

A: The first year at WSU can be scary due to a new environment, new people, and new academic system. My advice is to be involved early on. This way, you get to meet new friends, try new things, and gain invaluable skills for the future. Attend social events, workshops, explore the Palouse, go to office hours, or find yourself a mentor.

To succeed in engineering, I would recommend becoming friends with your classmates. Because of the amount of time you spent in class with these people, they will become your second family. Make study sessions, go to office hours, or work on homework together. It will save you so much time and will be your best memories from college.

Q: What has been your favorite class, club, or program that you’ve been involved with at WSU, and why?

A: My favorite class was Biology 106 because of the hands-on experience I had during lab. I was able to work on cool lab assignments such as DNA matching, DNA replication, and molecular interactions. Even though it was a general requirement, and it didn’t fall into my major of choice, I still felt like it was important to learn and to experience something different from what I was expecting.