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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Student Success

Voiland College Ambassadors

Voiland College Ambassadors are a group of student leaders who represent Voiland College to industry representatives, alumni, and prospective students and their families. Through sharing their WSU experience and unique insider perspectives, Ambassadors help these key stakeholders connect with the college and gain understanding of the college’s important mission and critical efforts that are improving lives and changing the world.

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Meet our Ambassadors!

Ben Averkamp

Ben Averkamp is a junior in Bioengineering. His best Voiland College memory comes from working on a project in his Engineering 120 class. “The project came together as a self-regulating fish tank for salinity and heat. It was rewarding to be able to step back and watch it function correctly on its own.” While at WSU, Ben has learned a lot: “WSU has taught me how to solve large process problems through the application of many physics phenomena. I am currently learning how to apply physics properties to the human body and its mechanics.”

Halle Colf

Halle Colf is a senior majoring in Construction Management. Some of Halle’s favorite memories come from some long nights filled with studying and projects: “One specific night, where I felt that I was challenged to develop my abilities as a leader and peer, was a cold evening in October. We were working on a project that was going to be submitted to compete against universities across the United States and Canada. A group of us worked to fulfill the project requirements and submit our work to a national professional association.” Halle has learned—and says she continues to learn—the value of hard work: “I will take all the experiences and lessons I have learned over the last few years and approach the next step in my life with the passion for learning and drive I have cultivated during my time at WSU.”

Chelsea Crabb

Chelsea Crabb is a senior in Mechanical Engineering and has been on the President’s Honor Roll for 2018 and 2019. Chelsea appreciates her professional development: “My experience working in the hyperlab as an undergraduate intern has been a positive, re-affirming experience for me.” Just as important to her are the connections she’s made with people during her time at WSU. Chelsea has found two skills most critical to her success: “Time management, alongside being willing to ask for help.”

Dustan Cwick

Dustan Cwick is a senior in Material Science and Engineering. Dustan’s favorite memories revolve around his time as a Voiland College Student Ambassador and talking to visiting students and their families. He enjoys the connections he makes with them and being able to answer their questions. Dustan has participated in undergraduate research and earned an award for his participation in the 2016 Showcase for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities. Dustan appreciates the technical skills and opportunities to grow professionally. He also notes his growth as an individual.

Nicole Dyer

Ambassador-Nicole DyerNicole Dyer is a junior in Interior Design. She is the president of the American Society of Interior Designers at WSU, and has served as an intern for the Rural Communities Design Initiative to enhance the social, cultural, economic, and natural capital of unique rural places through design interventions in the physical environment. “My favorite WSU memory is working with a student team to set up a gallery exhibition for the School of Design and Construction. It was wonderful to relax and get to know a group outside of the people I usually see.” Of all the things that Nicole has learned at WSU, the best skills she’s learned are “how to see the world in a new way and how to take in every detail as something that can be learned from and used for inspiration.”

Jessica Erickson

Jessica Erickson is a sophomore in Material Science Engineering. Her best memory as a student at WSU is “walking out of a meeting with a research position in my hands. I was able to get involved in the research lab of my choice, which has been an amazing experience. I have learned an incredible amount about my field through my research lab.” Jessica has learned to work on her own and as part of a team to succeed in classes. “I have also learned to stay motivated even when life as a student becomes super busy or challenging.”

Gent Ferati

Gent Ferati is senior majoring in Chemical Engineering and Biology. He has received the DeVleig Undergraduate h Foundation Award to pursue renewable energy research. One of his favorite memories is rushing the football field after the comeback against Boise State University in 2017. Gent’s learned a lot in his time here, including how to “cooperate in a group setting and be able to voice ideas and opinions in an effective way.”

Alex Hand

Alex Hand is a junior in Material Science Engineering. One of his favorite memories is the last exam he took for a spring semester: “I confidently walked out of my Physics 201 final Spring 2019, knowing I had done well. It was my last final of the week and I had been nervous about it. It was the best start to a summer ever.” A skill Alex emphasizes is time management: “Utilizing my time properly takes away stress, and makes difficult classes much more manageable.”

Grace Harris

Grace Harris is a junior in Electrical Engineering, and has been involved with several student clubs, including a leadership role in IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and president of Tau Beta Pi (the Engineering Honor Society). Grace is also a tutor in Voiland College Tutoring Services. Her best memory happened her second week at WSU: “I walked into a meeting for a random club I had seen a poster for and walked out having made a group of friends who still help me out today. The curriculum is great, but it’s the people who make WSU as rewarding as it is.”

Alex Hirte-Uhlorn

Alex Hirte-Uhlorn is a senior in Mechanical Engineering. He is a long-time employee in the Voiland College maker’s space (affectionately called the “FIZ”: Frank Innovation Zone) working with fellow undergraduates on projects for their classes and their own personal use. He enjoys working with professors in labs. Alex says he’s learned a lot at WSU about teamwork and leadership.

Ousman Jammeh

Ousman Jammeh is a junior in Chemical Engineering. Ousman has particated in the Showcase for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities, and has been on the President’s Honor Roll for 2017 and 2018. His favorite WSU memory is when ESPN College Gameday came to Pullman and WSU upset the Oregon Ducks. Ousman has learned a lot during his time at WSU, specifically programming, technical communication, and how to use different software.

Rachel Johnson

Rachel Johnson is a senior in Mechanical Engineering. She is the president of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), having served SWE for the past four years. One of her favorite times at WSU was her first year: “Living in the residence halls and having the chance to meet new people and form your own community is so rewarding.” Rachel has also enjoyed the diverse community of Voiland College. “The most useful skill I have learned at WSU is how to work with many different personality types. We get many opportunities to work in groups and it is so interesting to see how diverse Voiland College is.”

Bailee Kelty

Bailee Kelty is senior in Civil Engineering and Water Resources. She has worked with several Voiland College clubs, including a leadership role with the WSU Society of Women Engineers. Bailee has thoroughly enjoyed her time at WSU and Pullman: “The campus and town are just so different and it is a wonderful change of pace that you really get to experience what this area has to offer.” She’s also learned that WSU, Voiland College, and Pullman provide tremendous community: “Adapting to sudden changes in life has been a skill I have really grown in since coming to WSU and especially this year. Something will happen completely out of your control and you have to adapt immediately to it. It is easier to adapt to these changes when you have a massive community behind you.”

Jaime Kemple

Ambassador-Jaime KempleJaime Kemple is a senior majoring in Landscape Architecture. Jaime’s favorite WSU experience was community service she completed with children from Jefferson Elementary School in Pullman to build an outdoor learning lab. “It was hard work with shovels and wheelbarrows, but the excitement of the kids more than compensated for that. It’s really satisfying to know that we’ve been part of building something that will benefit the community for years to come.” She won a WSU Crimson award for this work. Jaime emphasizes that communication—both visually and verbally—is key to successful design work.

Stasia Kulsa

Stasia Kulsa is a senior with a dual major in Mechanical Engineering and Music Performance. Stasia is enrolled in the Honors College at WSU, and is a long-time student employee in the FIZ (Frank Innovation Zone, Voiland College’s maker space) helping undergraduate students with projects. One of her favorite memories is volunteering with Kids’ Science and Engineering Day: “I was helping with one of the clubs, Robosub, and I was dressed as Ms. Frizzle. It was a lot of fun talking to people about one of my passions—it was also fun to see the reactions of kids meeting ‘Ms. Frizzle.’”

Quinton Lum

Quinton Lum is a senior majoring in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Signals and Systems. He has been actively involved in several student clubs, including serving as vice-president for the Renewable Energy Organization. One of Quinton’s favorite memories is meeting with his faculty mentor for the first time. “It was wonderful to know I had a faculty member who was looking out for me and was genuinely concerned with my interests and hobbies.” In terms of what he’s learned in Voiland College, Quinton says, “Everyone here looks out for each other, and we all want to succeed. I’ve received a lot of help and kindness during my time here, and I’ve learned that giving that experience to others is one of the greatest ways to grow as a person.”

Dani Miller

Ambassador-Dani MillerDani Miller is a junior in the SDC program majoring in architecture. Her favorite memory comes from her study tour junior year. Dani says the people here make everything so much more fun and are like a big family. First semester junior year she went on our study tour to Chicago and learned so much and became even closer. Here at WSU Dani has learned how to create balance between classes and having time to be with friends and make new connections.

Asa Reyes-Chavez

Asa Reyes-Chavez is a senior majoring in Civil Engineering. She has an impressive resume at WSU including participating in the Team Mentoring Program, participating in undergraduate research, and earning a grant from the Washington Research Foundation. She says her best time at WSU was when she rushed the field during a football game. “It was so surreal because I was blissful. In that moment I realized that no matter how stressed I am or what I’m going through, I can create new experiences for myself and focus more on the positives.” Asa enjoys sharing her passion for education. She is a tutor, and ambassador, has served in multiple organizations, including in leadership roles. “I have grown in my confidence, my academics, and professionalism. Go Cougs!”

Yatin Singla

Yatin Singla is a junior majoring in Computer Science and Finance. Being selected in the Harold Frank Engineering and Entrepreneurship Institute was one of Yatin’s best moments at WSU. “Through the program, I got the opportunity to work on an interdisciplinary team and be mentored by someone who has three times as much life experience as I do.”  Yatin has learned three keys to success in the professional world: 1) showing up on time; 2) teamwork, including building trust, setting expectations early on, and having hard conversations; 3) communication, which shouldn’t be trivialized. “Learning how to communicate effectively is one of the most important life lessons.”

Jamie Stauffer

Jamie Stauffer is a senior in Architecture with a minor in Construction Management. Jamie has been on the President’s Honor Roll multiple times. “One of my best memories at WSU was in my 3rd year studio, we worked with the WSU Children’s Center to design and build the children an inflatable structure to play with. We spent so many long hours designing as a team and even longer hours building as a team. It was beyond gratifying to see the hours we put in pay off when all the kids got to play with the inflatable playground.” During her time in Voiland College, Jamie has learned many skills “Our classes at WSU bring real world experiences to you so that you can build skills that you’ll use once you’re out of school. One skill I’ve learned is how to look at design in new ways and express my design ideas in both verbal and nonverbal ways.”

Shelby Sullivan

Shelby Sullivan is a junior in Electrical Engineering. Shelby has been a part of the STARS (Washington State Academic RedShirt) Program. Her favorite memory was as an “Orientation Counselor when I would meet all the new students that were coming to WSU.” Shelby enjoys meeting with new students to let them know how excited she is to meet them and how great their experiences at WSU will be. Shelby has learned a lot during her time at WSU and cites communication skills and leadership as two of her strongest skills.

Madison Wittman

Madison Wittman is a junior majoring in Architecture. Her favorite memory revolves around the connections she’s made at WSU. “In my studio one semester, everyone was up late working on a project so we ordered pizza and cookies to help make the night better. It was such a fun night even though it was stressful. We are more than friends; we’re family!” At WSU, Madison has learned “how to have good time management and how to fuel my creativity.”

Zoe Xavier

Zoe Xavier is a senior in Mechanical Engineering, and has worked as a Student Peer mentor. She has enjoyed working in the Voiland College maker’s space (called the FIZ—the Frank Innovation Zone) as a student leader. Zoe has participated in undergraduate research, working in the Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research Lab. Aside from the engineering content, Zoe has learned how to be a leader and work with a diverse group of people. Some of her favorite memories include creating study groups with friends to work on projects and study for exams.