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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Student Success

Building a Handshake Profile

After you’ve uploaded your resume as a document in Handshake, you’ll be able to select the option “Build Profile from Resume”. This will fill in appropriate sections on your profile with details from the uploaded document. You’ll need to review and approve the changes prior to the information being visible to Employers and other students.

To build your profile from your resume:

  1. Click on your name in the top right of Handshake and select Documents.
  2. Confirm you have a document uploaded with type “Resume”. If you do not have any documents uploaded, with drag and drop a PDF or word document onto the page, or click on “Select From Computer” at the bottom of the screen to upload a new document.
  3. Once you have a resume uploaded, you’ll see it listed on the page. Click on the name of the document to proceed.
  4. On this page, you’ll see what your document looks like. On the right, click on the blue button “Build Profile from Resume”.
  5. Your page will update to load the page below. There will be a section titled “Build your Profile Faster”, which will list the number of educations, work experiences, skills, etc. that are being added to your profile. You’ll have the option to review these changes individually, or you can select “Approve All”. The information will NOT appear on your profile until the changes are approved.

Get started using Handshake:

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my profile look like to employers before I approve the changes? If you’ve selected “Community” or “Employers” for your privacy option, employers will be able to see your profile, however, they will not be able to see any changes that still need your approval. You can scroll partway down your profile and select the option on the left for “See Employer View” to preview what employers will see. When you’re ready, you can select “Stop Viewing” on the left to return to your normal view.

What does my profile look like to other students before I approve the changes? If you’ve selected “Community” for your privacy option, students will be able to search for your profile and message you, however they will not see any changes that still need your approval.

What does my profile look like to my school before I approve the changes? Career Services staff at your school in Handshake will see the pending changes on your profile, along with the message “Needs Your Approval” next to each applicable field.

To view these tips on Handshake and see picture instructions, see HERE.