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Participating in a Handshake Virtual Fair

On the Day of the Fair

On the day of the virtual fair, you’ll be able to join sessions via the Your Sessions tab in the fair. You’ll see a banner on your dashboard that will take you directly there. Make sure you have signed up for the session at least one minute prior to the session start in order to join.


Find Virtual Fairs on Handshake

Joining Sessions

  1. Navigate to the fair in Handshake and click on the Your Sessions tab.
  2. Click the blue Launch Video button in order to join the session. You can join up to 5 minutes early to test your audio and video connection.
  3. You’ll need to make sure you’ve allowed microphone and video access in your app or browser in order to participate in audio and video.
  4. Use the three dot menu icon or the word Settings to access meeting settings (audio settings, video settings, and Report a Problem). Please note that in group sessions with more than 15 participants, Handshake automatically disables participant audio and video to preserve session quality.

Audio & Video Troubleshooting

Reporting a Problem

Reporting a Technical Issue: You can report an audio issue, video issue, chat issue, or other. This will generate a ticket for Handshake to review, as well as help them continue to improve their virtual fairs.

Reporting a User: To report a participant, right click on their name in the participants list, then select Report User. The user will not be alerted that they have been reported. If you report another participant, the session host will be notified and have the option to remove that user from the session.


Leaving a Session

Sessions will end automatically 20 minutes after the scheduled end time, to allow for additional conversation.

Participants may leave a session and rejoin, but may only be connected to a session via one device.

When the session ends, a prompt will appear asking for quality related feedback, which uses a 5-star rating system and a text box for additional details.

This information, along with visuals, can be found on Handshake HERE.