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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Facility, Operations, and Safety Services

About Us

Did you know engineering has been offered at WSU for over 125 years?

Washington State University was established as a land-grant college in 1890, a product of the 1862 Morrill Act signed by President Abraham Lincoln. The university’s first students were welcomed in 1892, including engineering students studying mechanic arts and engineering in the School of Science. To learn more about Washington State University’s history, please visit the WSU timeline page.

Engineering programs have grown substantially since the first enrollment in 1892.  As of 2018, the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture enrolled 5000+ undergraduate and 700+ graduate students, in 14 accredited programs (10 in engineering and four in architecture and construction management), across five locations in the state of Washington. Over 165 Voiland College teaching faculty members participate in the education of Voiland College’s students.  More than 130 of these faculty are also tenure track research faculty who produced more than 33 million USD in research expenditures in 2018: research that generates a broad range of positive impacts for education, quality of life, health, industry, society, and the economy.

Voiland College Facility, Operations & Safety Services was established in 2015 to assist the college with it’s facility needs. Safety services became a part of the unit in 2017.  The unit collaboratively administers Voiland College’s comprehensive facility, operations, and safety portfolios.

Mission Statement

The mission of Voiland College Facility, Operations & Safety Services is to engage with the college’s stakeholders in support of facility, safety and operational needs, evaluate and collaboratively address the Voiland College’s portfolio of facilities and safety programs to adapt for personnel and program requirements, enhance building capabilities and user experiences, and reduce risk to people and property.


  • Serve as the college’s source for planning, information, recommendations, and action essential for the successful development and operation of the Voiland College facility and safety portfolio.
  • Provide high quality services to college personnel in a responsible, sustainable, and customer oriented manner.
  • Collaboratively plan, implement, build, operate, and maintain essential spaces, infrastructures, and policies on behalf of the college which reduce its risk, and benefit its functions, programs, operations, and stakeholders.
  • Engage and be perceived as a role model in directing facility and safety portfolios among Washington State University constituents and Voiland College peers.