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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Facility, Operations, and Safety Services

Voiland College Buildings On The Pullman Campus

Map showing the locations of the 13 Voiland College buildings on the WSU Pullman campus.

Albrook Main Entrance Exterior View.


Built: 1946
Gross Sq Ft: 35,247
Location: 855 NE Oak St
Albrook Floor Plan (PDF)

Carpenter Hall West Bridge View.

2Carpenter Hall

Built: 1915, renovated 1992
Gross Sq Ft: 66,049
Location: 250 NE Spokane St
Carpenter Hall Floor Plan (PDF)

Commons, exterior street view of entrance.


Built: 1924
Gross Sq Ft: 35,351
Location: 225 SE Idaho St
Commons Floor Plan (PDF)

Daggy Hall, exterior street view.

4Daggy Hall

Built: 1973
Gross Sq Ft: 98,138
Location: 1060 E College Ave
Daggy Hall Floor Plan (PDF)

Dana Hall view from Carpenter Hall.

5Dana Hall

Built: 1949
Gross Sq Ft: 90,023
Location: 305 NE Spokane St
Dana Hall Floor Plan (PDF)

EEME, exterior view of main bridge entrance.

6Electrical-Mechanical Engineering Building

Built: 1986
Gross Sq Ft: 94,148
Location: 355 NE Spokane St
EE/ME Building Floor Plan (PDF)

ELB, main entrance.

7Engineering Laboratory Building

Built: 1947
Gross Sq Ft: 44,593
Location: 900 E College Ave
ELB Floor Plan (PDF)

ETRL, exterior view.

8Engineering Teaching/Research Labs

Built: 1998
Gross Sq Ft: 123,391
Location: 980 E College Ave
ETRL Floor Plan (PDF)

Paccar main entrance, street view.

9Paccar Environmental Technology Building

Built: 2015
Gross Sq Ft: 101,211
Location: 2001 E Grimes Way
Paccar Floor Plan (PDF)

Front entrance of Research and Technology Park.

10Research & Technology Park

Built: 1986
Gross Sq Ft: 32,283
Location: 1615 NE Eastgate Blvd
Research Park Floor Plan (PDF)

Sloan Hall, Side Facade in Pullman.

11Sloan Hall

Built: 1962
Gross Sq Ft: 106,887
Location: 405 NE Spokane St
Sloan Hall Floor Plan (PDF)

Thermal Fluids Perspective View.

12Thermal Fluids Research Building

Built: 1948
Gross Sq Ft: 30,126
Location: 955 NE Oak St
Thermal-Fluids Floor Plan (PDF)

Wegner Hall, main entrance.

13Wegner Hall

Built: 1942
Gross Sq Ft: 97,649
Location: 1505 SE Stadium Way
Wegner Hall Floor Plan (PDF)