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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Facility, Operations, and Safety Services

Accident Reporting

Safety Is No Accident. Expect the unexpected. Think through your risks. But if an accident happens…
Timing Is Everything!

WSU policy requires that major injuries be reported immediately, and all other injuries be reported within 24 hours.

Report all workplace injuries to your supervisor as soon as possible, and seek medical treatment if needed.

Prompt Reporting

  • Eliminates delays in benefits to individuals
  • Benefits the accident investigation and the employee(s) involved
  • Complies with mandatory reporting laws and regulations (e.g. State of Washington Department of Labor and Industries, Division of Occupational Safety & Health)
  • Influences penalties and/or fines that could potentially be issued

Accidental injury and work-related illness reporting includes the following:

  1. Get help. Call for emergency medical assistance when required; telephone 911.
  2. Report
    • Report major injuries immediately.  See Reporting Major Accidents table below to notify appropriate University offices.
      • Major injuries include chemical/biological exposure, bone break/fractures, amputation, in patient hospitalization or death.
    • Report all minor injuries within 24 hours.
      • Minor injuries should be reported the same day as quickly as possible.
      • Minor injuries that occur over the weekend or outside of regular business hours (Monday through Friday, outside of 8 am to 5 pm, or over a WSU holiday) should be:
        • Reported the next business day, if reporting could be completed in 24 hours from the injury.
        • Reported to WSU Police, if reporting would fall outside of 24 hours from the time of injury. WSU Police’s non-emergency number is 509-335-5848.
    • Reporting Procedures
      • Best practice: Always notify WSU Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) of any injury. EH&S typically investigates injuries and accidents that occur at WSU. They are highly skilled at helping those involved, supervisors, and those assisting, throughout the reporting and investigation process. EH&S can be reached at 509-335-3041.
      • Follow WSU SPPM 2.24.
      • Follow WSU HRS Incident Reporting Process.
      • Supervisor needs to notify HRS in the event that the injury creates time loss from work.  HRS can be reached at 509-335-1760.
    • Supervisors are required to notify the unit’s top administrator, the unit’s safety committee chair, and the Chair of the Voiland College Safety Committee.
    • Need help reporting?  Contact your unit’s Safety Committee Chair.
  3. Completion of an accident investigation report (PDF) is required if:
    • Employee/person receives medical treatment.
    • Employee is unable to work their next full shift as a result of the injury.
    • Events and conditions related to a near miss, or minor accident, indicate that a potentially serious injury or illness could result from a similar situation.
  4.  Comply with the investigative process, should an investigation ensue per, SPPM 2.26.

Examples of reportable instances:

  • Injury: Any wound or damage to the body resulting from an instantaneous event. Some examples include; cuts, bruises, contusions, chipped teeth, amputations, insect bites, electrocutions, burns, sprains, injuries to muscles, joints, and/or connective tissues, as well as any slips, trips, or falls.
  • Illness: A condition resulting from chronic exposure to the work and/or academic environment.  Some examples include: musculoskeletal disorders (e.g. tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome), skin disorders, respiratory conditions, or noise-induced hearing loss.

Reporting Major Accidents Table – Report Major Accidents Immediately & All Others Within 24 Hours

Note: If unable to contact personnel at the appropriate University office, contact WSU Police at 509-335-8548.