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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Facility, Operations, and Safety Services

Conference & Room Scheduling

Scheduling Now Available

As of 7/12/2021, all Voiland College buildings will be open during normal hours, and WSU will resume post-Covid activities. Voiland College conference rooms will become available for reservations. Users must follow the Voiland College Return to Work guidelines. Washington State requires all persons wear a face covering and all employees, students, and volunteers be vaccinated. Those with approved vaccination exceptions and unvaccinated visitors must maintain 6′ social distancing as possible.

Voiland College scheduled spaces, such as conference rooms and classrooms, are available online for viewing and use by all of Voiland College.
The following list only refers to room scheduling within the Pullman Campus. Request a room.

Rooms Available for Scheduling

Room NameBuildingNumber Unit Responsible Occupancy AmenitiesRoom PhoneReservation Contact
Carpenter 521 Deans Large Conference RoomCarpenter Hall521Deans OfficeStandard: 37 Seats

Maximum seating: 53
Projector, Video Conference, White Board, Catering
Carpenter 522 Deans Small Conference RoomCarpenter Hall522Deans OfficeStandard: 10 Seats

Maximum seating: 15
White Board,
Daggy 308 SDC Small Conference RoomDaggy Hall308SDCStandard: 8 Seats

Maximum seating: 15
Video Conference, Chalk
Dana 139 Frank Institute Conference RoomDana Hall139Student ResourcesStandard: 12 Seats

Maximum seating: 25
Dana 142 College Conference RoomDana Hall142Deans OfficeStandard: 16 Seats

Maximum seating: 14
Projector, Video Conference, White Board,
EE/ME 102A EECS Conference RoomEE/ME102AEECSStandard: 16 Seats

Maximum seating: 23
Projector, Video Conference, TV, Table Outlets, White Board,
EE/ME 26 ESIC Conference RoomEE/ME26ESICStandard: 27 Seats

Maximum seating: 50
TV's, Table Outlets, White Board,
EE/ME 505 EECS Small Conference RoomEE/ME505EECSStandard: 10 Seats

Maximum seating: 11
ETRL 101 College SeminarETRL101Deans Office Standard: 84 Seats

Maximum seating: 90
Projector, Video Conference, Computer, White Board, Podium
ETRL 103 College Small Conference RoomETRL103Deans OfficeStandard 10 Seats

Maximum seating: 13
Video Conference, White
ETRL 119 College Large Conference RoomETRL119Deans OfficeStandard: 35 Seats

Maximum seating: 40
Projector, Computer, White Board,
ETRL M7 MME Seminar RoomETRLM7MMEStandard: 27 Seats

Maximum seating: 28
Projector, Computer, White
Paccar 135 Large Conference RoomPaccar135Deans OfficeStandard: 16 Seats

Maximum seating: 18
Video Conference, TV's, White
Paccar 200L Town Square
Paccar Scheduling Guideline (PDF)
Paccar200LDeans Office16 bar stools with outlets, 8 tables (4 chairs per table), various couch seating

Maximum seating: 132
Paccar 202 Seminar/Symposium
Paccar Scheduling Guideline (PDF)
Paccar202Deans OfficeStandard: 50 Seats

Maximum seating: 102
Projector, Video Conference, Microphone, USB & Outlets on
Paccar 243 Small Conference RoomPaccar243Deans OfficeStandard: 8 Seats

Maximum seating: 12
Video Conference, TV's, Phone, White
Paccar 305 Large Conference RoomPaccar305Deans OfficeStandard: 21 Seats

Maximum seating: 34
Video Conference, TV's,Table Outlets, White
Paccar 405 Large Conference RoomPaccar405 Deans OfficeStandard: 25 Seats

Maximum seating: 34
Video Conference, TV's, Table Outlets, White
Sloan 146 CEE Large Conference RoomSloan Hall146CEEStandard: 32 Seats

Maximum seating: 36
Projector, Video Conference, White Board,
Sloan 245 EE/ME Conference RoomSloan Hall245MMEStandard: 31 Seats

Maximum seating: 28
Video Conference, TV's, Computer, Table Outlets, White
Sloan 33 CEE Small Conference RoomSloan Hall33CEEStandard: 12 Seats

Maximum seating: 21
Chalk Board
Wegner 105C VSCEB Conference RoomWegner Hall105CVSCEBStandard: 13 Seats

Maximum seating: 14
Projector, Video Conference, White Board, Catering
Wegner 261 VSECB Small Conference RoomWegner Hall261VSCEBStandard: 12 Seats

Maximum seating: 8
Wegner 268 VSCEB Large Conference RoomWegner Hall268VSCEBStandard: 27 Seats

Maximum seating: 27
Video Conference, Computer, TV, White Board,

The unit allocated to each space/room is the primary contact for scheduling, maintaining the calendar, and accepting or declining requests.

The unit allocated to each area has first priority over the room. As second priority units share their conference and classroom spaces with others, on a first come first serve basis.

Units requesting the use of another unit’s conference/classroom space are discouraged from making requests for long term or recurring reservations that would impede the primary use of the assigned unit’s conference/classroom space.

The unit allocated to the scheduled space may not move another unit’s reservation out of the room after the reservation is booked, unless an alternate resource can be found that suits both unit’s needs.

Please note that the Paccar Environmental Technology Building (PETB) is a research only building and may only be scheduled for research activities.  Please contact a PETB faculty to sponsor your reservation, or the Voiland College Dean’s Office.  (PETB faculty are members of the centers/labs located within the building: CMEC, WSWRC, LAR, SOE, CEE.)

How-To’s Regarding Room Reservations

Requesting an Appointment/Meeting and Adding a Calendar:

  • By viewing the room’s calendar through your WSU Outlook Email/Calendar, you can easily access the room’s availability and quickly request a new appointment. (Please refer to the “Tutorial” section below);
  • When requesting a time, please note in the calendar’s reservation detailed information about your event (number of attendees, catering, extra tables/chairs needed, AMS, etc.);
  • Please provide names and/or WSU ID numbers of who will need access to the room. When the room reservation is approved, door access will be provided as part of the reservation;
  • Requests will be answered within 1-2 business days.



  • Remember to cancel your meeting in the calendar if you decide to change plans for your event. Be mindful of other people as they may need to use the room if it becomes available.

Close All Doors:

  • Once your meeting begins, close all doors to ensure that noise from your meeting does not disrupt other offices around the conference room and vice versa;
  • Remember to close the doors once your meeting is over and as you leave the room. We have expensive equipment in these rooms and we need to make sure that they are properly secured.

Room’s Arrangement: It’s OK to change the room’s set up to better suit your event, however, keep in mind to:

  • Schedule enough time before and after your event to rearrange and reset the room;
  • The original furniture layout of each conference room can be found in the link (under the occupancy column) provided in the table above;
  • It’s very important that you reset the room to its original arrangement once your event is done.

Clean up the Room:

  • Put chairs back, put away markers, pens and remote controls, clean the whiteboard, turn off the TV, projector and AMS, etc.
  • If you are catering, make sure to throw away all left overs in the garbage and tie up the garbage bags as it might release unpleasant odors.

Dean’s Priority:

  • Room Priority: We are happy to provide your use of these conference rooms, however, the Dean has the number one priority. If needed, we may ask you to rearrange your event and we will happily give you all the support necessary.