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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Facility, Operations, and Safety Services

Space Distribution

The following information is in reference to the spaces assigned to the Voiland College’s Pullman campus as of 2024. This information does not include all Voiland College locations.

The Voiland College Pullman Facility Portfolio (Fall 2024) (PDF) utilizes almost one million gross square feet.  The metrics in the following two charts reflect only assignable space (also called net square footage), such as offices, labs, and classrooms. It does not include building service spaces such as hallways, restrooms, elevators, stairs or mechanical spaces.  The table following these two charts only lists Voiland College Pullman facilities.

Percentage of Space Each Building Contributes to the Facility Portfolio

The chart and table below shows the percentage of space each building contributes to the Voiland College’s facility portfolio, totaling 468,580 net square feet.

Building PercentageNet SqFt
Albrook (ALBR)5%18,839
Carpenter Hall (CARP)
Commons (COMM)
Daggy Hall (DAGG)4%21,539
Dairy Road Multi-Purpose Building (DRMPB)2%7,613
Dana Hall (DANA)11%51,301
Electrical-Mechanical Engineering (EE/ME)9%43,783
Engineering Laboratory Building (ELB)6%28,094
Engineering Storage Building (ESB)1%3,887
Engineering Teaching/Research Building (ETRL)12%54,9830
Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research (HYPER)< 1%458
Paccar Environmental Technology Building (PETB)11%53,873
Research & Technology Park5%21,185
Research & Technology Park Storage (RPS)1%2,644
Sloan Hall (SLOA)11%52,200
Thermal Fluids Research Building (TFRB)5%25,260
Wegner Hall (WEGN)9%41,234

Space Distributed for
Voiland College Activities

The chart and table below shows the space category distribution for Voiland College activities as of Spring 2024, totaling 468,580 net square feet.

Space TypePercentage Net SqFt
Faculty Office7%34,001
Staff Office6%26,742
Research Only36%172,923
Student Office7%33,645
Teaching & Research4%17,997
Teaching Only 19%86,693

Note: Teaching space includes college controlled (not University controlled) classroom spaces used for teaching and teaching labs affiliated with courses. Other spaces include club areas, machining and fabrication shops, collaboration and conferencing spaces, lounges, work rooms, archives, and storage. Data only includes Pullman buildings. Data shown does not include buildings used solely for equipment storage.

Voiland College Facilities, Pullman Campus

Building NameFacility IDYear BuiltYear RenovatedYear DemolishedNet Sq. Ft AssignedGross Sq. FtAddress
Carpenter Hall002019151992-37,89266,049250 NE Spokane St
Commons0051924--3,94835,351225 SE Idaho St
Wegner Hall004519421982-41,23497,6491505 SE Stadium Way
Albrook Hydraulics Laboratory00711946--18,83935,247855 NE Oak St
Albrook-Hydra Model Lab (AKA Quonset Storage Building)03551946-201704,170955 NE Oak St
Engineering Lab Building00461947--268.09446,299900 E College Ave
Thermal Fluids Research Building00571948--25,26030,126955 NE Oak St
Dana Hall00561949--51,30190,023305 NE Spokane St
Sloan Hall00781962--52,200106,887405 NE Spokane St
Daggy Hall08031973--21,53998,1381060 E College Ave
Electrical/Mechanical Engineering Building0078A1986--43,78394,148355 NE Spokane St
WSU Research and Technology Park, Suite C, Building 108201986--21,18555,1601615 NE Eastgate Blvd
Engineering Teaching/Research Lab Building00581998--54,830123,391980 College Ave
Paccar Environmental Technology Building00502015--53,873101,2112001 E Grimes Way
Total of All Teaching & Research Facilities ----468,580998,652-

Voiland College Storage Facilities, Pullman Campus

Building Name Facility IDYear BuiltYear RenovatedYear DemolishedNet Sq. Ft AssignedGross Sq. FtAddress
Engineering Storage Building0358F1982--3,887 4,141465 SE Dairy Rd
Composite Materials Storage Building0820C2005--2,6442,7711615 NE Eastgate Blvd
Total of All Storage Facilities----6,5316,912-

Please visit the Voiland College Buildings page for additional information on individual buildings within the Pullman campus.