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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Facility, Operations, and Safety Services

Paccar Environmental Technology Building, opened in 2015, is a hub for research in renewable materials, sustainable design, water quality, and atmospheric conditions.

Dana Hall, built in 1949, is recognized as a signature engineering building on the WSU Pullman campus.

Carpenter Hall, built in 1915 and renovated in 1992, is one of seven buildings designed by the university’s first architect, and first chair of the WSU Architecture Department, Rudolph Weaver.


Facility, Operations & Safety Services assists the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture’s faculty, staff, students and guests with their facility and safety needs.  Our goals are to provide the Voiland College with professional services, cost effective solutions that take into account total cost of ownership, advocacy, and customized support.  Some of the services most frequently used include:


  • Safety initiatives and training programs
  • Facility safety and security assessments
  • Safety resources

Alterations & Compliance

  • Lab alterations
  • Modifications to services and utilities (electrical, water, gas, hoods, etc..)
  • Area/room updates and renovation support (paint, flooring, etc..)
  • Furnishings (casework, desking, chairs, storage, etc…)
  • Maintenance and/or custodial concerns
  • Network infrastructure and updates (wired, wireless, GPon)
  • Facility design, diagrams, and renderings
  • ADA accommodations and ergonomic evaluations
  • Estimating, value engineering, pricing reviews
  • Program, office and lab planning

Planning & Process

  • Capital projects
  • Strategic and master planning
  • Space and real property requests
  • Facility agreements, partnerships, Gifts in Place, MOUs and contracts
  • Removal of barriers and advocacy
  • Facility information, utilization, and metrics
  • Policy and procedures related to facilities, safety and operations

We are glad to assist you with your request. Please contact us for consultation, assistance, and partnership on your projects.


  • WSU Policy Reminder for Volunteers in Research Labs

    As a reminder, individuals who volunteer their time to assist WSU departments in the conduct of official University activities, including activities in research laboratories or field studies, are subject to WSU’s policies.

    Per BPPM 60.81 – Volunteers:

    “University employee policies apply to volunteers, including policies in the Business Policies and Procedures Manual (BPPM), Safety Policies and Procedures Manual (SPPM), Executive Policy Manual (EPM), and other University policy manuals.”

    These expectations include the same University requirements for safety procedures orientation and training as employees. It also includes completion of any other University mandated trainings. The appointing authority and their department are responsible to ensure these requirements … » More …

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  • Schweitzer Engineering Hall

    To learn more about the new Schweitzer Engineering Hall, please click on the link below.

    Building Success Campaign

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  • Fall Facilities Updates

    Hello VCEA All Employees,

    As we move through Fall into Winter we’ll experience seasonal weather changes such as freezing temperatures, wind warnings, and for some areas the possibility of snow flurries.  Below are a few facility reminders with respect to the weather changes.

    Building Temperatures
    Facilities Services in Pullman plans to continue the slight building temperature setbacks initially implemented during the pandemic. The targeted setpoints will keep most spaces between 65F–68F. Those spaces identified in previous years that require setpoints higher than this range (e.g., certain labs, health care spaces) will not be affected and will remain at their adjusted setpoints. The goal of these … » More …

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  • Schweitzer Gift

    The Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture is launching the Building Success Campaign. 

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  • Holiday Building Information and Reduced Operations

    Hello VCEA All Employees,

    Below is information regarding WSU’s holiday and reduced operation schedule for November and December.
    Please note that November, December, and January periods tend to come with weather fluctuations including strong winds, ice storms, and periods of heavy snow.
    The following topics provide quick references to common questions such as facility preparations, outage notices, and contacts.

    WSU November Holiday Schedule

    WSU will be closed Thursday November 25th and Friday November 26th in celebration of Thanksgiving Day and Native American Heritage Day, respectfully.  WSU buildings, including VCEA occupied buildings, will remain locked on these dates.  

    WSU December Holiday & Reduced Operations Schedule

    WSU will … » More …

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