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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Facility, Operations, and Safety Services

Paccar Environmental Technology Building, opened in 2015, is a hub for research in renewable materials, sustainable design, water quality, and atmospheric conditions.

Dana Hall, built in 1949, is recognized as a signature engineering building on the WSU Pullman campus.

Carpenter Hall, built in 1915 and renovated in 1992, is one of seven buildings designed by the university’s first architect, and first chair of the WSU Architecture Department, Rudolph Weaver.


Facility, Operations & Safety Services assists the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture’s faculty, staff, students and guests with their facility and safety needs.  Our goals are to provide the Voiland College with professional services, cost effective solutions that take into account total cost of ownership, advocacy, and customized support.  Some of the services most frequently used include:


  • Safety initiatives and training programs
  • Facility safety and security assessments
  • Safety resources

Alterations & Compliance

  • Lab alterations
  • Modifications to services and utilities (electrical, water, gas, hoods, etc..)
  • Area/room updates and renovation support (paint, flooring, etc..)
  • Furnishings (casework, desking, chairs, storage, etc…)
  • Maintenance and/or custodial concerns
  • Network infrastructure and updates (wired, wireless, GPon)
  • Facility design, diagrams, and renderings
  • ADA accommodations and ergonomic evaluations
  • Estimating, value engineering, pricing reviews
  • Program, office and lab planning

Planning & Process

  • Capital projects
  • Strategic and master planning
  • Space and real property requests
  • Facility agreements, partnerships, Gifts in Place, MOUs and contracts
  • Removal of barriers and advocacy
  • Facility information, utilization, and metrics
  • Policy and procedures related to facilities, safety and operations

We are glad to assist you with your request. Please contact us for consultation, assistance, and partnership on your projects.


Hello VCEA Pullman Employees,

  • If you teach or hold events in Pullman GUC spaces the change will likely impact you.
  • To Note:
  • Taking feedback from the community, WSU ITS’s first priority in this transition will be to provide immediate response for faculty in the classroom.
  • Support calls are expected to be picked up within 3-4 rings and dial-up for classes connecting across the system are prioritized to ensure they are successful.  (Yay!!  Big round of applause!)
For support:
  • WSU ITS will have the updated contact information on each GUC podium before tomorrow’s transition.
  • The GUC support helpdesk can be reached at the same number, 509-335-5044 from 7am-6:30pm.
  • To submit a trouble ticket or support request please reach out to
  • Escalation of emergency issues should be made to Jacqueline Southwick (, cc’ed for your convenience.
  • Global Campus websites listing GUC resources will automatically be forwarded to the WSU ITS site; Pullman Integrated Academic Technologies.
As with any transfer of responsibilities between units, WSU ITS will not have certainty around all the issues that will need to be solved right out of the gate.  WSU IT staff are working diligently to make this transfer a positive experience for faculty, however this is a big transition so if you could provide WSU ITS a bit of grace, that would be lovely.
  • There is no change in support for departmentally supported rooms.
  • Warmest regards,
  • Dar

Hello all VCEA Pullman Employees, and Happy New Year!

Some very cold temperatures and inclement weather are forecast for later this week and through the weekend.
WSU Facilities is asking for our help in preparing our respective areas:
  • Please make sure all windows, doors, vents, rooftop penetrations, or other building openings are closed/secured.
  • Anticipate and prepare your area(s) for possible power disruptions and/or suspended operations at WSU.   VCEA buildings do not have backup power.
  • In event of a facility issue (such as a water leak or utility outage) please call Facilities Services at 509-335-9000.
If you have facility questions or concerns please reach out anytime.
Thank you and wishing you a safe winter season.

Hello VCEA All Employees,

As we move through Fall into Winter we’ll experience seasonal weather changes such as freezing temperatures, wind warnings, and for some areas the possibility of snow flurries.  WSU also implements a period of reduced operations in late December / early January, when normal campus and building services are reduced or closed. The following information is provided as a quick guide on the preparations you might want to make in anticipation of these events.

Building Temperatures

Facilities Services in Pullman plans to continue the slight building temperature setbacks initially implemented during the pandemic. The targeted setpoints will keep most spaces between 65F–68F. Those spaces identified in previous years that require setpoints higher than this range (e.g., certain labs, health care spaces) will not be affected and will remain at their adjusted setpoints. The goal of these temperature adjustments is to help offset higher energy costs and lessen the impact on the central utility budget. These slight adjustments to the setpoints jave provided nearly $1 million in annual savings in utility costs.  You may not need supplemental heat for your area, but if you do please follow the buying and use guidelines for space heaters.

Slick Area

If an area is slick with ice or snow, please contact WSU Facilities Operations at 509-335-9000.  The largest cause of injury at WSU is from slips, trips and falls.  With winter weather comes ice and snow.  Please be extra cautious when navigating metal areas such as grates, street crossings and curbs, and high traffic areas with compact snow or ice.  If you find an area that is a hazard please call it in or notify Dar Neunherz at

Weather Impacts

High winds, freezing rain, and heavy snow events tend to cause power outages and can close highways.  We are also still seeing supply chain disruptions that can be exacerbated by winter weather and storms.  Please prepare your vehicles, homes, and work areas to keep you safe while traveling, sheltering in place, or during periods of limited supply.

Laboratories Please Be Prepared In Event of Power Loss, Service Interruption, or Supply Chain Shortage

Power Failure: A power failure is one of the most likely emergency situations at WSU and depending on what you are operating can create a high-risk situation quickly. Please exercise caution in your emergency preparation planning around a power failure.   Note: VCEA has no buildings with backup power.  When the power goes out power outlets do not work, hoods do not work, the air systems shut down, and elevators halt.  (For PACCAR occupants’ toilets will also not flush – the building’s water reclamation system provides the toilets with water, but does not operate in a power outage.)   The only systems that consistently work in a power failure are emergency lights, fire alarms, and emergency fire sprinklers.  WSU does have generators but they are only used for an extended power loss, and only certain areas of campus may be brought online with the generators.

Water Outage: While it is not typical, there are occasions that a building’s water will go down.  This might affect equipment or areas that are water cooled or systems that are on the DI water.

Procurement Delay: Many supply and distribution chains are experiencing delays, interruption, or back-orders.  If you have supplies that are critical to operating your lab please plan appropriately.

Period of Reduced Operations & Building Access

WSU campus buildings and services will close or be available in a limited manner starting December 25th 2023 through January 1st 2024.  Normal business operations resume on January 2, 2024.  During this period most campus buildings will be closed and building temperatures will be reduced (exception being laboratory spaces – temperatures will be held at normal levels).  If you will need access into VCEA buildings during this period they will be locked.  Please verify with your School or Department administrator that you have building access via Cougar Card or key.

Emergency Contacts

In event of a life threatening emergency call 911.

In event of a security, personal, or property safety concern, or if you’ve been locked out of a building accidentally, please contact the WSU Public Safety Office (WSU Campus Police) at 509-335-1380.

In event of a facility issue (such as a water leak or utility outage) please call Facilities Services at 509-335-9000.

In event of a laboratory safety issue please contact Environmental Health & Safety at 509-335-3041, or as appropriate the Office of Radiation Safety at 509-335-8916.

For any concern please feel free to contact the VCEA Director of Facilities Operations and Safety Services directly at 509-335-3783 or 509-432-1649.